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Hi, and welcome to Passive Online Revenue.  In this article, you will learn About Passive Online Revenue and Me. For a start, this is a site for Passive Income Seekers, where you can find Legitimate Online Passive Income Opportunities.

I Am A Passive Income Seeker, Just Like You

I am no stranger to the World Wide Web and Digital Marketing. In the 80s, when Internet was still in its infancy, I was already creating websites for businesses. As a lifelong learner, and I continued to gain skills and experience in Email Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing, SEO, Video Marketing, and more.

About Digital Marketing Consultant in Singapore - Timotheus

Over the past decades, I created websites for businesses and applied digital marketing strategies to help them make tons of money. Since 2000s, the thought and realization came to me – why not I do my own businesses and make tons of money for me?

So while working full time, I searched for ways to make money online. The plan was to do online businesses on a part time basis. And when they generate enough revenue, I will quit full time working for people. Then I will focus full time on my businesses as an entrepreneur.

Great plan right?

Problem was – there were many scams.

Lots of promises from get rich schemes or multi level marketing or money games. Needless to say, all of these ended with very poor or even no results.

Over time, I learned how to discern which Online Passive Income Opportunities are scams and which are legit. I learned about how to assess them, and how to decide if it is a program that is honest and has potential to make lots of money.

And I created this website to help you, passive income seeker, to learn how to build your own website, and become your own boss.

My Number 1 Recommendation for Starting Your Own Business

Why I Want To Help People?

From what I shared above, you now know what I have gone through. And that is just in a nutshell. I won’t bore you with the details of so many failed attempts and disappointments caused by scams.

And having experienced what you have gone through, I can empathize. During the years, I have often wished there is a website that can help me cut through all the deception, and tell me what really works? What are the real deals out there?

So I decided to create this website to offer that information, to help people find Legitimate Online Passive Income Opportunities. To help save you valuable time spent researching for the real deal. To help you save time from getting involved in scams and end up with nothing.

Most importantly, to help you save money by not spending it on scams but spending it on Legitimate Passive Online Income Opportunities that really work, that are the real deal, and bring you continually increasing passive income.


It took me years to find a really good Affiliate Marketing program. One that really works. One that gives me great support to help me reach my goals – owning successful online businesses and receiving passive income continuously.

As mentioned above, the goal of Passive Online Revenue is to introduce you online business opportunities that are real and legitimate. The ones that will bring you increasing passive income. Just like they have for me.

Explore this website to discover these opportunities.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, about digital marketing, starting your own online business, etc, ANy at all, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Best Wishes to All!



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