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Here are testimonials from my students, mentees, and people I have helped succeed and made money in online businesses.

Timotheus has got many years of experience in the online business. I love the way he explains all about what to do to become successful in the online business. He gives you competent advice and is extremely helpful. I can really recommend everyone to visit his website and profit from his knowledge. – Pernilla Kohler, Owner, Easy Steps for Healthy Living

Timotheus is an incredibly talented and intelligent individual and consultant with exceptional marketing and branding insights. His creative and thoughtful approach to client relationships and business is truly enlightening and has helped me learn and understand how great business is done. – Delcie Lam, Owner, Delcie’s Desserts

Over the months, the awareness of Expedition Agape has grown exponentially. We now see a regular and dedicated volunteer team with constant new referrals. – Serene Koh, Founder, Expedition Agape

Timotheus is great. He helped me set up me build my business website swiftly and a reasonable cost and minimal frustration on my end. So much appreciate an efficient, cost effective assistance in this day in age!! – Kazuko Eure, Owner, Affiliate Marketing Training Courses

Thank you Tim for your guidance over the digital platform, patiently explaining and guiding me to build up my Facebook Page. For somebody who is not social media savvy, you have been a great help! – Kim Chen, Financial Services Manager, AXA

The passion and commitment the Tim puts into his assigned area of work is amazing to say the least.
A dedicated professional, Tim always goes that extra mile to deliver quality service / results. – Mahendra Rai, Area Manager, APRO

Timotheus demonstrates his passion for Marketing by continuously sharing his insights of the industry through his years of experience. He shares his views with others and is a good listener as well. He is also very detailed in his analysis and is meticulous in his work. – Vasant Kannan, Business Development Manager, Holiday Inn Singapore

Timotheus is extremely skillful at digital marketing. We find his advice on social media marketing as well as strategies to be invaluable. He brings many great ideas to us. – Mieko Yoshida, Owner, FINALBOX

Tim is a person filled with experience and his tips and ideas have been really helpful. Overall, incredibly informative as well as a nice person to talk to as well! – Ernie Loh, Business Owner

Timotheus has a truly strategic digital mind whom I have had the pleasure of working with for the last four years. His work ethic and attitude are truly outstanding and he understands what it takes to succeed in the digital world. – Adrian Foo, Business Manager, ACE Rental & Travels

If you have ANY questions about the above Testimonials, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

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  1. Timotheus is a great person and entrepreneur. He helping me grow my online business, help me monetize my website to start making money and provide guidance on how to do it, etc. I am so excited and happy with Timotheus. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Kazuko, for this kind and good testimonial. I am honored to be your choice to help you succeed with your online business. I am happy to assist you further, and see you become even more successful. So, please feel free to ask my anything. I will be most happy to help you when I can.

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