Best Online Digital Marketing Course – Black Friday Deal Now

Best Online Digital Marketing Course – Black Friday Deal Now

Lots of people ask me where I learn and get updated on all digital marketing strategies? How did I get to be the digital marketing expert that I am? In this article – Best Online Digital Marketing Course – Black Friday Deal Now – I will share My Secret Resource.

I will share the main resource where I keep updated on this ever changing digital landscape. Where the knowledge and information is ahead of the curve. Where what you learn is relevant today and also for tomorrow.

During this Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, you will get the chance to join the training program, and get me to be Your Mentor.

Who is Timotheus?

Digital Marketing Consultant in Singapore - TimotheusHi there! My name is Timotheus, and I have been doing digital marketing for 27 years. Yes, ever since the Internet became commercial. I started work at a web design and development agency. Since then, I have learned and practised  SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, and more.

Today, I am a Digital Marketing Consultant as well as a Lecturer at a prestigious University, one of the Top 1% university in the world. Also, besides helping my clients to make millions of dollars, I own and run a few online businesses.

All thanks to this online training program shown below:

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer happens only once a year. If you wish to be a digital marketing expert, I highly recommend that you join this program. Click the Above Image Now!

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

I was doing digital marketing for many years. At some point, I realized I needed to up my game. So, I scoured the world wide web for the Best Online Digital Marketing Course – Black Friday Deal Now. And after many years of searching, I found Wealthy Affiliate.

I tried it for years, and found it to be an excellent resource. Even though I was familiar with some of the topics such as web design and development, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, video marketing, and others, I still went through all the training. Just in case, they have something to share that I was not aware of.

And I was not disappointed. I found gems that I never knew. Even with my years of experience, Wealthy Affiliate gave me more knowledge that I can apply to my work, my clients and my businesses.

Today, besides my own success, I have many students who joined the program and are successfully producing great digital marketing work at their jobs, and succeeding brilliantly at their career.

Now Black Friday 2018 Deals at Wealthy Affiliate is only $299! (usual – $588 for one year) Click Image Below to Join Now!

The Black Friday 2018 Deals at Wealthy Affiliate works out to only $0.82 per day! Now, which university, course, workshop or online course offers such a great deal?

Just a heads up – this deal is time sensitive.

It will only last 4 days, from Friday 23 November 2018 –  Monday 26 November 2018.

Don’t miss this offer as it will never happen again.

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Education Offers?

Superb Training That Really Works

The answer is – a state of the art, step by step training for newbies and advanced marketers. The training will teach you how to create a successful and long term business or career as a digital marketer.

Ahead Of the Curve. Ahead Of the Competition

The digital landscape is always changing. The education you will receive at Wealthy Affiliate will keep you ahead of the curve. You will have a competitive advantage over others who do not receive this training.

Actionable Steps

You will be given training in modules. And in each module, you will be given tasks to do. Tasks that will help you learn and understand every digital marketing strategy taught.

Live and Interactive Learning

At Wealthy Affiliate, the learning experience is live and interactive. You get to engage and communicate directly within the lessons and get help with any questions you may have. There are Live Chat, Live Classes, Live Interaction and Live Expert help.

What Else Do You Get At Wealthy Affiliate?

There are lots of powerful tools at Wealthy Affiliate. Here are a few:

  • A Warm And Helpful Community for Support 24/7 – Very Important!
  • Weekly Live Classes on the latest industry trends, latest marketing techniques, how to workshops, and more!
  • 1,000s of Training Modules – Easy to Understand Step by Step Lessons
  • The Blueprint to be a Successful Online Entrepreneur
  • An Easy to Follow Starter Course for newbies on How to Create a Website and Make Money Online. Even experienced marketers like me pounced on this, studied the entire course, gained some tips and learn some new tricks.
  • PageSpeed Insights – a Tool to Analyze & Improve Your Website Speed
  • SiteContent Images – Over 1,000,000+ FREE Images
  • SiteContent – The Ultimate Writing Platfrom to help you create content easily
  • FREE Hosting with SSL for your website

There is so much more! To see more details such as Testimonials, the Black Friday Bonuses, etc, go read Black Friday 2018 Deals at Wealthy Affiliate.

What Are Your Next Steps?

Ready to join me at Wealthy Affiliate? Awesome! Here are the steps to do that:

1. Click on the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday banner ad shown below:

Don't miss out on the above awesome Bonuses! Join Wealthy Affiliate - only $299! That's only $0,82 per day! Premium membership includes powerful features that can help you start and grow your online business. Plus you get awesome Bonuses!

2. You will land on a page that looks like the one below:

Black Friday 2018 Sales Page

3. Click on the option ‘Claim Your Discount Here‘ or ‘Get The Deal Now!‘.

4. A pop-up appears (as shown in the image below). Fill in your details. Then Click Create Your Account.

pop up on sales page

5. After you create your account, you will be brought to the page shown below. Make sure you choose the Black Friday Special. Then fill in your payment details, make payment, and you have successfully joined Wealthy Affiliate! At a very good offer price too!

Special Offer Page


After you have joined Wealthy Affiliate, you will receive a welcome message from me. The message will provide you more information on how to start your online business, access all training, plus all the features and bonuses.

Remember. As my referral, I Am Your Mentor. When inside Wealthy Affiliate, feel free to ask me any questions or clarify anything regarding starting your online business, training at Wealthy Affiliate, etc.

See you inside Wealthy Affiliate!

If you have ANY questions about this article – Best Online Digital Marketing Course – Black Friday Deal Now, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help out.

Thank you for reading this.

Best Wishes to All!



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