Free Keyword Search Tool to Brainstorm Profitable Niche Ideas

Free Keyword Search Tool to Brainstorm Profitable Niche Ideas

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Hi everyone! I have spoken about using Jaaxy for keyword research. There is another awesome use for Jaaxy. It is to use it for niche research.

So, if you are looking for new profitable niche ideas, this blog post is for you.

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Start Your Brainstorm Ideas

Go to Jaaxy. Click on Brainstorm.

Jaaxy (Awesome Keyword Search Tool) - Click On Brainstorm option
Jaaxy (Awesome Keyword Search Tool) – Click On Brainstorm option

Let’s say you are interested in selling dog collars. You add the keywords – Dog Collars – to the Brainstorm queue.

Find Keywords for Your Niche Ideas

Then you go to the Keywords tab. Click on the Brainstorm button there. You will see all the brainstorm ideas you have previously added to the queue.

Jaaxy - List of Brainstorm Ideas on Keywords Tab
Jaaxy – List of Brainstorm Ideas on Keywords Tab

Click on Dog Collars. And you can see a list of keywords related to that keyword.

Click on the QSR to see the competition for each keyword. Then sort the QSR to see the lowest to the highest.

Jaaxy - Sort QSR Lowest to Highest
Jaaxy – Sort QSR Lowest to Highest

As a rule, QSR less than 300 is ideal. Competition is not that high. Of course, the lower the better.

So, that’s why we sort it from lowest to highest. We get to see all the keywords people use to find dog collars. And we see which have the lowest competition.

Choose a Niche with Traffic & Low Competition

Here, on that list of keywords, you will get many ideas. Let’s say you fancy the idea of selling dog collars made of leather. Click on that keyword, and you will see a new list of results.

For More Visuals, Watch the Above Video

This shows you all the keywords related to the keyword – dog collars leather. It gives you an idea of the content you can write to get ranked on 1st pages. This is an opportunity to rank high and get sales.

For example, you can write about and sell extra large leather dog collars. Or designer leather dog collars. Many more ideas.

Dive Deeper & Get Content Ideas for Your Niche

Next, just click on the QSR for each of these keywords. And see how much competition each of these keywords has.

And you can choose those with lower competition. Then create content about it, get ranked, and get sales.

For More Visuals, Watch the Above Video

With each of the keywords on this list, you can further expand to see what other keywords related to it that people are searching with.

Choose those that have a good amount of traffic, and low competition. When there is search traffic, it means there is opportunity to sell.

Free Keyword Search Tool to Brainstorm Profitable Niche Ideas

Timotheus Final Word
for Passive Online Revenue

There are plenty of resources to help you find niches. For you to consider doing a business in. But, there are not many that can tell you if anyone is interested in the product you plan to sell in that niche.

Jaaxy really can help you find out more about a particular niche. And can show you how to dive down deeper to choose a super targeted niche. Those are less competitive, and offer you higher chances of success.

My #1 Recommendation

If you need to access Jaaxy, you can do it by joining the free training program that I recommend. Yes, Jaaxy is free with the free training provided.

Click on the blue button below to try it out. You can start with a Free Starter membership.

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Do you have any questions about Jaaxy, and how it can help you find a profitable niche? Let me know in the comments below.

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I wish you immense wealth and success!

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