On Page SEO - Fix Broken Links - 9th of 12 Techniques That Work | Episode 12 | Digital Marketing 101

On Page SEO – Broken Links – 9th of 12 Techniques That Work | Episode 12 | Digital Marketing 101

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Hi Everyone! This is the 12th episode of Digital Marketing 101 series. The entire series is about 12 On Page SEO techniques.

I am presenting each of these techniques as individual blog posts. Today, I am discussing the 9th of the 12 techniques, and it is about Not Having Broken Links.

What are Broken Links? How to remove broken links from your website? Let’s discuss all these now.

This is part of the digital marketing 101 series. I will be sharing more digital marketing strategies information and tips in future blog posts. So, remember to join my I Love Passive Income Community to receive updates.

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What is a Broken Link?

Have you ever surfed a website, and landed on a page with a message like this?

404 Not found page
404 Not found page

Frustrating, isn’t it? And it also contributes to bad user experience. So, no wonder search engines do not like them too.

These are called broken links. As you know by now, these are links on your website that point to a web address that does not exist.

You must address this problem. Imagine when these broken links were supposed to lead to your sales page or a product page. If visitors cannot go to these pages, your sales and revenue will be adversely affected.

As mentioned earlier, search engines do not like broken links. And this can impact SEO. As such, your website and web pages can get low ranks or not even ranked at all.

How to Fix Broken Link Issues?

Find All Broken Links

So, for you, the first order of the day is to find all the broken links on your website. There are many tools and sites available online to help you with this.

What I like to do is use a plugin called Broken Links Checker. This plugin helps me regularly check my entire website. And it looks out for any broken links. When there are any, I will get an email notification about it.

Broken Links Checker Plugin
Broken Links Checker Plugin

Fix All Broken Links

It is so easy to fix broken links, especially with a plugin. The same plugin I just mentioned above helps me to fix all my broken links.

Of course, I have to check each broken link to make sure that it is a real issue. Then the plugin has many options to fix it; such as edit the link, remove link or even dismiss it if it is actually not a broken link.

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On Page SEO – Broken Links – 9th of 12 Techniques That Work | Episode 12 | Digital Marketing 101

Timotheus Final Word
for Passive Online Revenue

Do you have any questions about Broken Links? Let me know in the comments below.

In my next blog post, I will share about another On Page SEO technique, and that is SEO Friendly URL. Remember to join my I Love Passive Income community to get updated whenever I publish a new blog post.

I wish you immense wealth and success!

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