On Page SEO - Meta Description | Episode 5 | Digital Marketing 101

On Page SEO – Meta Description – 2nd of 12 Techniques That Work | Episode 5 | Digital Marketing 101

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Hi Everyone!

This is the 5th episode of Digital Marketing 101 series. And it is about 12 On Page SEO techniques.

I am presenting each of these techniques as individual blog posts. This is the 2nd of the 12 techniques is about Meta Description. We will discuss about what it meta description, and how to write a powerful and effective Meta Description.

This is part of the Digital Marketing 101 series. I will be sharing more digital marketing strategies information and tips in future blog posts. So, remember to join my I Love Passive Income Community to receive updates.

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What is a Meta Description?

Meta description is a brief description of what the website or web page is all about. On search results, they appear just below the title tags.

On Page SEO - Meta Descriptions
On Page SEO – Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are known to not have any weight on ranking web pages. In fact, Google, Bing and other search engines stopped using meta descriptions in their ranking algorithms years ago. But that is not to say meta descriptions are not important.

Meta descriptions are still important in the sense that when people arrive on the search results and they read them. They look at your title and they like the title and they start to read the meta description.

So, this becomes like ad copy. They are opportunities for you to convince these people who are now looking at your meta description to click on your link. And when they click on your link, that is a direct ranking factor.

How to Write a Powerful and Effective Meta Description?

Use Benefit-Driven Copy

In your meta description, write compelling copy to increase number of people click through to your website. And you do it by describing the benefit that they will get when they go to your web page.

Position all content in terms of the benefits for the user. Put the most important information at the first part or the beginning part of your meta description copy.

Every meta description needs to quickly communicate the subject matter and benefit of your page. If the web page is for a specific product, brand or topic, put those terms and keywords at the beginning.

Include Call to Action

Important Tip – Meta Descriptions are excellent to have Call to Action.

As mentioned above, you can include Call to Action in the meta description. And one of the ways is to ask questions to entice searchers to click on the link to your website. The call to action can also be things like ‘find out more’, ‘buy now’, or shop here.

But remember – Do Not be too aggressive with your copy.

Relevant to Title Tag

Here is a tip that’s quite obvious but it needs to be said. Try your best to make the meta description consistent and relevant to the title tag.

Unique Meta Descriptions

Each page needs its own unique meta description. Please do not have duplicate meta description that is similar to other pages on your website.

Google recently recommended that people write unique meta descriptions .This is versus auto generating them.

There are some apps or plugins that can auto generate meta descriptions. Try not to use these. Try to write your own unique meta descriptions.

Write Naturally

Remember to write naturally.

Make your meta description conversational. Remember, you are writing for people. After all, people are the ones reading your link and meta descriptions.

So do not write for search engines or algorithms. Natural language communicates better.

No More Than 160 Characters

Meta Description can have less than 160 characters. Write wisely. Write naturally.

Otherwise, your description could get cut off. Or Google may not use your description at all.

Google has has been known to actually pick another part of your content and use that for the meta description. They do this because they find that another part of your content is more relevant to the search query.

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On Page SEO – Meta Description – 2nd of 12 Techniques That Work  | Episode 5 | Digital Marketing 101

Timotheus Final Word
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Do you have any questions about Meta Description? Let me know in the comments.

In my next blog post, I will share about another On Page SEO technique. It will be about Headings. Remember to join my I Love Passive Income Community to get updated whenever I publish it.

I wish you immense wealth and success!

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