On Page SEO - SEO Friendly URL - 10th of 12 Techniques That Work | Episode 13 | Digital Marketing 101

On Page SEO – SEO Friendly URL – 10th of 12 Techniques That Work | Episode 13 | Digital Marketing 101

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Hi Everyone! This is the 13th episode of Digital Marketing 101 series. This series is about 12 On Page SEO techniques.

I am presenting each of these techniques as individual blog posts. Today, I am discussing the 10th of the 12 techniques, and it is about SEO Friendly URL.

What is a SEO Friendly URL? How to create SEO Friendly URL? Let’s discuss all these now.

This is part of the digital marketing 101 series. I will be sharing more digital marketing strategies information and tips in future blog posts. So, remember to join my I Love Passive Income Community to receive updates.

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What is a SEO Friendly URL?

A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the web address of your website or web page. When people enter the URL into a browser, they are able to visit your website or web page.

An SEO Friendly URL is when the URL is designed to be more user friendly for the Internet users. And it is usually optimized for SEO
rich with keywords. And preferably, your URL should be short in length.

Besides title tags, headers, and content, search engines also use the URL to understand what your content is all about.

How to Write a Powerful and Effective SEO Friendly URL?

Add Keywords to URL

You should add your chosen keywords into the URL. This is so that search engines will understand what topic your web page is about. And what keywords you are competing with.

Also, search users will see the URL, and can get a brief understanding of your web page topic too. This can increase click through rate, which is one of the SEO ranking factors.

You see, search engines translate the clicks as users seeing value and relevance to their search query. Hence, they will rank your web pages higher.

Use Hyphens Between Words

Do not use spaces between words. And do not use the underscore. Instead, use hyphens or dashes. This is because search bots read spaces and underscores as non existing pixels.

For example, instead of 7 Ways to Make Money From Your Website.html,

You should use 7-ways-to-make-money-from-your-website.html

As such the words get combined into one word. Whereas hyphens or dashes help search bots to understand that the next letter is the beginning of a new word.

With the hyphens, the words become separate. And they can understand what your web page is about better.

Keep URL Short

URLs should be short and sweet. It makes them more user friendly and easily readable. Also search bots may not read the entire length of a URL.

Use Lowercase Characters

It is a good idea to use lowercase characters. This is not critical. But it is a good idea to do this.

And do this consistently. It can help to prevent any issues or errors such as broken links or 404 pages.

Keep It Organized

You should use categories and sub categories. It keeps your site organized.

Organization helps search engines understand your website easily and better. For example, here is a URL for the 7 Ways to Make Money that is from this website – https://passiveonlinerevenue.com/business-101/7-ways-to-make-money-from-your-website/.

As you can see from above, the page is within the category of Business 101. This helps the search bots to understand more about the 7 ways to make money page.

As such, indexing is more accurate. And this can improve rankings.

Remember HTTPS

This is now the new standard. With https, your site is secured. And search engines today prefer secured sites.

There is ranking advantage to being a secured site. Google has said that it is a ranking signal. As such, when your site is secured, your search ranking can get higher.

Do Not Use Special Characters

Some websites have pages or posts where the URL is automatically generated. These usually create really bad URLs where it has no meaning for search bots. One example is https://domain.com/cat/?cid=7078.

Also, avoid parameters like UTM Tracking. This can cause problems for SEO. It can really hurt your SEO efforts. It makes your URL long, and does not tell users what page is about.

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On Page SEO – SEO Friendly URL – 10th of 12 Techniques That Work | Episode 13 | Digital Marketing 101

Timotheus Final Word
for Passive Online Revenue

These are the tips to help you create an SEO Friendly URL. Take steps to do the above, and you can improve your SEO efforts and search rankings.

Do you have any questions about SEO Friendly URL? Let me know in the comments below.

In my next blog post, I will share about another On Page SEO technique. And that is Page Loading Speed. Remember to join my I Love Passive Income community to get updated whenever I publish a new blog post.

I wish you immense wealth and success!

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