Signup Form to Build Your Email List | Episode 3 | Digital Marketing 101

Signup Form to Build Your Email List | Episode 3 | Digital Marketing 101

Timotheus Update: This post was originally published on 20 April 2022 on this website – Passive Online Revenue. Due to rebranding and consolidation of the two sites, the post is now on this website – in a new tab)

Hi Everyone! Last week, I discussed about the email list. About what you should do and not do when building an email list.

Today, I will discuss with you about the sign up form. You will need this to build your email list.

Digital Marketing 101 Series

The Email Marketing series is part of the Digital 101 Series. Earlier, I did the SEO series. Here are some of the topics covered:

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  2. Episode 2 – Introduction to SEO
  3. Episode 3 – Keywords and Keyword Research
  4. Episode 4 – On Page SEO – Title Tag
  5. More Digital Marketing Strategies and Tactics

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What is a Signup Form?

It’s an online form that you use to invite visitors to join your mailing list.

Here is an example from my website, Passive Online Revenue.

You can put the form on your website, landing pages, social media, etc. The idea is to get people to join your mailing list.

And you do that by using a lead magnet. In my signup form, the lead magnet is Free Training.

When people are keen to get the Free Training, they fill the fields in the form, and click on the button to join my mailing list.

There are different types of signup forms. There is the fixed bar, the image box, the exit popup, the scroll form, etc. Choose which fits your business needs.

What are the 4 Elements in a Signup Form?

There are basically 4 elements in a signup form.

There is the headline. This is where you grab the user’s attention.

In my signup form, it is the Get Free Training Now! It also tells the visitor what they will get, that is the lead magnet.

The 2nd element is the value proposition. You tell the reader what they will get when they join your mailing list.

In my signup form, I continue to tell the visitor about the value of the Free Training that they will get. And the value is that it will help and support them so that they can achieve their business goals.

The 3rd element is the form fields. These are for the user to input contact details so that you can send the lead magnet to them as well as continuing to send file up email to nurture a relationship with your subscribers.

Eventually, the goal is to convert them into customers and get sales and revenue.

Remember to ask only for data that you need. For example, their name, and email address.

Studies have shown that the easier to fill a form, the higher the chances that people will sign up.

The 4th element of your signup form is the CTA button. This is your Call to Action. To get the visitor to act and join your mailing list.

In my signup form, the CTA button is in red color with the text, Get it Now!

Try not to use the word, Subscribe. It’s been found that the word, Subscribe, can be a turn off to some people.

Signup Form Security

You have to protect your signup process with security measures. And also protect against bots signing up.

Do double opt-in.

After a subscriber fills your form and submits his or her information, send them a confirmation email. The subscribers must click and confirm that they are really interested to join your mailing list.

Only after then, you add them to your mailing list.

Double opt-in helps to build your list with correct and valid email addresses. Also, it makes sure that the person is giving permission for you to add them to your mailing list, and to continue sending emails to them.

You should also use Captchas to prevent bots from signing up to your mailing list. I spoke about this in the previous do’s and don’ts video.

I use GetResponse as my email marketing service provider. They make it very easy to set up signup forms.

There are templates to help you create the forms quickly. And the designs are really nice. There are different layouts and sizes to suit your needs.

After you create a form on GetResponse, you will get a code. Simply add this code on your website, and the form will be there for users to sign up.

There is a Free Trial at GetResponse.

Signup Form to Build Your Email List | Episode 3 | Digital Marketing 101

Timotheus Final Word
for Passive Online Revenue

It is best practice to optimize your forms. You can do A/B testing to see what forms work best.

Remember to keep form fields to a minimum. If you need more data from your subscribers, you can do follow up email to ask.

Lastly, keep it simple. Make your forms easy to understand.

Do you have any questions about this topic – Signup Form to Build Your Email List? Let me know in the comments below.

I will continue to post articles about digital marketing on this website. If you like to get more digital marketing tips and info, remember to join my I Love Passive Income Community to get updated whenever I publish it.

I wish you immense wealth and success!

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