How to Create a Pinterest Board?

How to Create a Pinterest Board?

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In a previous post, as part of the social media marketing efforts, I showed you How to Create a Pinterest Business Account? Now that you have a business account with Pinterest, it is time for you to learn How to Create a Pinterest Board?

This article is part of the How to Learn Digital Marketing Online topic. It covers all the digital marketing subjects you should learn and practice. It is ideal for anyone who is new to digital marketing, experienced with digital marketing and wishes to learn more, and even the adept business owner.

What is a Pinterest Board?

The idea of Pinterest is to have an online space like a bulletin board. Many bulletin boards in fact. And for users to pin as many images and videos to these boards as possible.

And the idea is to pin images and videos that are topics of interest of the users. Hence, the combination of the word, Pin, and the word, Interest into Pinterest.

Pinterest Boards
Pinterest Boards

As you can see from the above image, my travel Pinterest account – Asia Travel Gems, has many boards related to travel. For example, Honeymoon Destinations, Bangkok Food, Things to Do in Indonesia, Malaysia Travel, and many more.

Inside each of these boards are images and videos from travel articles that I found on the World Wide Web. Many are also from my travel blog – Asia Travel Gems.

I pin images and videos of interesting travel articles as well as my own travel blog posts. These pins will appear on Pinterest users news feed. And when they find it interesting, they will click on the pin.

And when they see the pin, and are interest to find out more, they can click on a link provided. The link will take them to the blog post or article.

You can see how this can bring traffic from Pinterest to your website. When I post my travel articles from Asia Travel Gems, and people click to see the pin and then to my travel blog, I gain traffic. And with traffic, I can convert visitors to customers.

Create Your First Pinterest Board

Ready to create your first Pinterest Board? Well done. Let us begin by going to your Pinterest Dashboard, and click on the Board option that is on the main menu.

Boards Tab on Pinterest Dashboard
Boards Tab on Pinterest Dashboard

As you can see, there is a Create Board option. Click on that.

Create a Pinterest Board Option
Create a Pinterest Board Option

A window pops up, and it is the Create Board popup.

Pinterest Board Details
Pinterest Board Details

Enter the details as follows:

  • Name – Choose a name for the topic of your board. For example, if your board is about Pet Accessories, then name it as that.
  • Visibility – If you are not ready, you can keep the board secret. Otherwise, it is good to make your board public .

After you fill in the above details, click on the Create button.

You will be brought to a screen where you can edit your newly created board. Click on the pen icon to edit your board.

Pen Icon Button to Edit Pinterest Board Details
Pen Icon Button to Edit Pinterest Board Details

The Edit window for your board will popup. It looks like the image below.

Edit Your Pinterest Board popup
Edit Your Pinterest Board popup

Fill in the details for your new Pinterest Board.

  • Name – This is the name of your board. If you filled this in earlier, the name you gave will appear here. But if you have not given a name before, you can write the name for this board. Remember – it should reflect the topic of this board. Be relevant.
  • Description – Write a long description of what your board is about. This helps with search, and people can find your board based on what is written here.
  • Category – Try to find the right category for the topic of your board. If there is no category that fits, consider the closest one. If you are unable to decide on a topic, then choose Other. Being in the right category helps with search too, and being found by Pinterest users.
  • Cover – This is default. Usually the last few images or videos that you pin are the cover. But if there is a particular image or video you feel best represents this board, then you can choose that to be the cover for this board.
  • Visibility – mentioned in point 3, you can choose to keep this board secret. Otherwise, it is good to make your board public .
  • Personalization – Keep this as default. Do not change this.
  • Collaborators – This is the Awesome part. It helps to grow your followers and viewers. Add people who can help you increase pins on your board.

When they add a pin, their followers can see it too. And they will follow you. All these add to views. And with more views and followers, you can get more traffic to your websites

  • Click Save

There! You have just created your first Board. Congratulations! Now your board is ready for you to add pins. To know how to do that, please go read my article on How to Add An Image or Video to Your Pinterest Board.

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12 thoughts on “How to Create a Pinterest Board?”

  1. Thanks for sharing this info. I just signed up for Pinterest and was really confused to go about this!

    Best regards,

  2. Wow! This is a great article! I learned so much! I love using Pinterest but mostly use it for recipes or decorating tips. I never thought that you could promote your business on there as well. You did a great job breaking down all of the steps and explaining the process. Great Job!

    1. Thanks Michelle. And you’re welcome for the information given here. 🙂

      I love Pinterest too. And that is why it is my chosen social media platform to promote my websites.

      I will be sharing about how to add a pin, and my Pinterest strategy. Please join my mailing list to receive the updates. 🙂

  3. Good article. A a Pinterest user myself I can testify that having a good descriptive/searchable board name and description really helps to increase views.

    1. Thanks Elden for your testimony. Glad to hear your experience, and that what I share here is the truth.
      I will be sharing more about Pinterst – how to pin, Pinterest strategy, etc. Please join my mailing list to receive updates. 🙂

  4. I love how you make it so easy to follow your step by step tutorials on your Pinterest articles I have read, I can clearly understand and I am using your website article to create my board by opening up another tab with Pinterest and creating my new boards referring back to your article in my other tab


    1. I am so happy and grateful that my Pinterest articles are helping you with Pinterest marketing, Jeff. Yes, how you are doing it is correct – while reading my article, you follow the step by step guide, and do all the steps on another tab. Excellent!

      I am going to publish how to create a pin soon. And after that, I will share my Pinterest strategy. Watch for it! 🙂

    1. Thanks Rachel. Yes, Pinterest is definitely worth exploring. I will be sharing how to add a pin to your Pinterest board. Please join my mailing list to receive updates when I publish new articles. 🙂

  5. I really appreciate the Pinterest training, as I have never used it for business so the step by step procedure is making it really easy to get my Pinterest up and running. I do have a question about the collaborators section to see if I am understanding it correctly. Are you able to just add anyone and then their posts get added to your Pinterest or do they actually have to add their pin to your page?
    Thanks for all the information.

    1. Glad you find the step by step guide useful and helpful, Dena.

      Good question about the collaborators. I will actually discuss this in a future post about Pinterest Strategy. Since you asked, here is an explanation about it.

      Collaborators are people that you invite to add pins to your board. And yes, you can add anyone. For example, you can add me, and when I come across a photo or video about the topic of your board, I will be able to add a pin to it.

      This is great for outreach, brand awareness, brand exposure, and also to increase followers and viewers. 🙂

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