How to Pin An Image or Video To Your Pinterest-Board

How to Pin an Image or Video to Your Pinterest Board?

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6 thoughts on “How to Pin an Image or Video to Your Pinterest Board?”

  1. Thanks for this continued training, I have been following along and building my Pinterest account as I go, it has really helped a bunch in learning the Pinterest platform for business. I have used the technique before of pinning from a website but never created a pin from scratch so glad you included the different ways of creating a pin. I am going to pin your article here to my Pinterest right now, so others can benefit from your training.

    1. Thanks for pinning my post on your Pinterest board, Dena. That is awesome!
      I too hope many can benefit from my training. I will be writing one or two more posts about Pinterest before going on to the next topic. I hope the people who come across your pin visits here, and joins the mailing list to get updates. 🙂

  2. Very informative and insightful. I have been thinking of creating a video but I am not big at having my picture posted, I hate pictures or videos of myself. But after reading your article I see I can put an image of my site and go with that. Look forward to more from you.

    1. Thanks James. Glad you found my post useful and helpful. 🙂

      Yes, there is no need to put up pictures or videos of your self. I have seen YouTube channels where the owner never showed his or her face. It is the same with Pinterest.

      People are more interested in the content. That is the photo or video of the subject matter.

      Please join my mailing list to receive updates. 🙂

  3. This article is a real motivator in using Pinterest for my business, I have used Pinterest for years but I never really considered pinning videos before reading your article today. I am going to use this new skill by adding videos starting today, I thank you for sharing this with all of us who read your articles.


    1. You’re welcome, Jeff. Glad to hear this article has encouraged you to pin videos. Videos are truly the future of content marketing. Visual marketing is one of the break out trends in 2019. And will continue to rise in 2020. So, you are on the right track with pinning videos on Pinterest. Let me know how this works out for you? 🙂

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