How To Make Money On The Internet?

How To Make Money Online?

Timotheus’ Note: This post was originally published on 8 January, 2020. It has been updated, and republished on 21 November 2021. I have added the 14-Day Live Class in the Make Money with Affiliate Marketing section.

For years, I worked as an employee. I worked hard to help other people’s businesses succeed, and make millions of dollars. I did this when I was employed as a digital marketer and also when I was the CEO of a digital agency.

All the while, at the back of my mind, I kept thinking I should make the millions for myself. As I toiled hard at work daily, I started to research on How To Make Money Online?

This was because I began to think – instead of making money for others, why not make money for myself? And one of my requirements was, and still is, that all the ways to make money online must be legitimate.

I met my fair share of scams, and got burnt. I tried multi level marketing, and came to realization that I do not like to be a recruiter.

Over the years, I found many ways to make money on the world wide web. And I tried those I found to be legitimate and has the potential of success. That is, to make money from the Internet.

From the years of experience, I narrowed down to a few I found that really worked. And in this article, I share them with you.

Why You Should Make Money Online?

Before we continue to discuss the many ways you can make money on the Internet, I like to discuss with you Why You Should Make Money On The Internet?

Almost 4.48 billion people were active internet users as of October 2019, encompassing 58 percent of the global population. – Statista

See the quote from a study by Statista? They have found, from their constant research that, as of October 2019, there are almost 4.48 billion active internet users in the world.

Take a good look at that number again. 4.48 billion!

That is an enormous market that you can target, sell, and make money. Just a small fraction of that market, and you can earn millions. This is why you should make money on the Internet.

What Are The Ways to Make Money Online?

As mentioned earlier, over more than a decade, I have found many ways to make money on the Internet. I started as a home business selling my digital marketing skills to businesses; from creating websites to marketing their products, and creating sales and revenue.

Then I started blogging. Soon after, I sold stuff on eBay, then Amazon, and then I started a drop shipping online store.

Since I started my online ventures, I have also opened an online store with Shopify, sold digital products, became a digital nomad, created YouTube videos, and more.

Which is the Best Way For You to Make Money Online?

As you can see, I have tried many ways to make money online. So, which is the best way to make money online? Click on the image to find out.

Here I share this list of ways to make money on the Internet:

The list is not exhaustive. There are many more ways. I am just focusing on these for now. Also, the digital landscape is constantly changing. And with the changes, there are always opportunities. So, if you like to stay updated on new opportunities to make money online, join my I Love Passive Income Community to receive these updates.

How to Blog and Make Money?

I used to blog simply because I enjoyed writing. I wrote about topics I love and shared my thoughts about them. After some time, I learned that blogging can be a way to make money online.

How To Blog And Make Money On The Internet
How To Blog And Make Money On The Internet?
Click on the image above to find out how?

The first way I learned to blog and make money is to sell space on websites for advertising. This means that brands pay to have their ads on the websites.

Then I learned to place PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads and CPM (Cost Per 1,000 Impression ads on my websites. You will most probably notice ads on this website. The ads are both PPC and CPM.

This means that I get some money when more than 1,000 visitors visit my website, and see these ads. And when you click on an ad, I get paid a little more.

How to Find Keywords for a Website and Make Money?

To get traffic, you need to learn how to find keywords that can drive decent amounts of traffic to your website. Click on the images on the left to learn how?

One of the popular advertising network is Google AdSense. Personally, I prefer advertising network. This is because they display ads contextualized to the content on your website. And that, to me, is a better user experience.

Another way of making money from blogging is to do Affiliate Marketing.

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

To me, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways of creating passive income. It is, to me, and in the truest sense, passive income. Here is a video by Kyle of Wealthy Affiliate, an expert with more than 15 years experience in affiliate marketing. He explains more in the video – To watch, click image below now.

How To Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
Watch Video on How To Make Money with Affiliate Marketing – Click image above now

With affiliate marketing is when you promote a product or service for a brand. The brand gives you a unique affiliate link that you use on your website. For example, you write an article about the product or service, and add the affiliate link within the content. When a visitor clicks on that link, and buys the product, you get a commission.

You do not need to find suppliers and risk bad ones. You do not need to spend money and purchase products. You do not need to pay to stock your inventory at a storage space. You do not need to manage inventory and fulfill orders. And best of all, you do not need to manage any customer issues (if any).

Isn’t affiliate marketing awesome?

All you need to do is to find an affiliate program and make money online. That is the basic idea. Of course, you need a few more steps. And you can learn how to do affiliate marketing from a training program that provides step by step lesson.

How to Find Affiliate Programs In Your Niche and Earn Commissions?

If you like to find out how to find good quality affiliate programs, click the image on the left to read all about how to do this.

More importantly, you need to have the 3 Essential Things to succeed and profit with affiliate marketing. You can get it all from a quality training program that I highly recommend. Click the link below to get free training with their Free Starter package today!

Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business with 14-Day Online Course – Free!

Would you like to start your very own affiliate marketing businness? Here is a Create an Online Business in 14 Days course that will teach you how. It covers topics from choosing a profitable niche, to creating your very own business website, content marketing, social media marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and more!

Free Online Training Classes - Create an Online Business in 14 Days
Free Online Training Classes – Create an Online Business in 14 Days
Click the image above to learn more

Here is the curriculum for the 14-Day course. You can click on each of the link below to find out more about each lesson.

Day 1: Research: Niche
Day 2: Research: Affiliate Programs
Day 3: Research: Keywords
Day 4: Build: Website
Day 5: Setup: Tracking
Day 6: Setup: Socials
Day 7: Write: Core Content
Day 8: Build: Content Strategy Spreadsheet
Day 9: Build: Content Creation Calendar
Day 10: Write: 1st Blog Post
Day 11: Write: 2nd Blog Post
Day 12: Build: Social Media Growth
Day 13: Setup: Hire a Writer
Day 14: Write: 3rd Blog Post From Writer

I have seen many other training providers offer the above classes on the Internet. And they usually charge thousands of dollars for the entire course. Now, you can get it for free!

So don’t miss this. I don’t know when this course will be closed, or made unavailable to the public.

So, click on the image above to visit and learn how to start your affiliate marketing business now!

How to Make Money from AliExpress?

I have done drop shipping using AliExpress, and that is one of the ways you can make money from this platform. I created an online store. Then searched the AliExpress site for products that I would like to sell on that store.

I listed the products on the eCommerce site at marked up prices. Have to make a profit right?

How To Make Money from AliExpress
How To Make Money from AliExpress

When people buy a product from my website. I order the product from the supplier at AliExpress. I pay for the product at wholesale cost. The supplier will ship the product directly to my customer. The customer receives the ordered product, and I get paid.

As you can see, it is not really passive income. When there are customer orders, you have to do the work of ordering from the supplier, making sure the product is shipped to the customer, and handle any customer queries or complaints.

If you like it to be a more passive way of making money, you can choose to do the AliExpress Affiliate Marketing Program. See the section above about making money with affiliate marketing. You can sign up with AliExpress as an affiliate marketer, and make money from affiliate marketing instead.

How to Make Money from Amazon?

How To Make Money from Amazon

Amazon is another platform to make your fortune. There are so many ways to make money from Amazon. You can write a book and sell it there. By the way, selling books was how Amazon started.

You can also sell your own branded products on Amazon. Do retail arbitrage, or you can even be an affiliate of Amazon.

When you sell your products on Amazon, you can fulfill orders on your own or with the help of your team. Alternatively, you can hire the service by Amazon that helps you fulfill customer orders. This is known as Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

You will need to ship your inventory to Amazon’s warehouse. When a customer orders your product, Amazon will pack your product, label it and ship it to the customer. Below is a video by Amazon explaining how this works.

Another choice is to do retail arbitrage. You will need to shop at warehouses or stores like Walmart, and find the cheapest deals. Then you buy the products at low prices, and sell them at higher rates.

The above choices will require quite a lot of work. You have to manage inventory, handle shipping (for FBA, you still need to ship to Amazon warehouses), and deal with customer grievances, if any.

Again, one of the better options is to be an affiliate. And yes, Amazon has an affiliate program. You can do away with all the headaches of logistics and customer support by promoting Amazon products using Affiliate Marketing.

How to Make Money with ClickBank?

If you are keen to do Affiliate Marketing, then you must consider making money with ClickBank. It is an online retailer that has a global presence. On that platform, there are thousands of vendors that you can become an affiliate for.

You join ClickBank. Find a product or service to be an affiliate with, and promote. Share about it with the affiliate link given. When people buy, you earn a commission.

You can also create your own product. List it on ClickBank. Get people to be affiliates. They promote your product and help you get sales and revenue. Here’s a video from ClickBank to explain a little more about how to make money on their platform.

How to Make Money with Cryptocurrencies?

There are many ways to make money with cryptocurrencies. And also many cryptocurrencies to make money from. For example, there is Bitcoin, Ethereum, LINK, ADA, and more.

One of the ways I recently discovered was to use SMART Bots to do automatic trading for me. This is definitely one way to increase your wealth. And it is passive income!

For now, I would like to discuss about how to make money with Bitcoin?

How to Make Money with Bitcoin?

To be honest, this is something I have not tried yet. *Update – I have started buying Bitcoin. And now that I am in and doing crypto, it is not what I thought it was. Hence, this update. Although, I came very close to it few years back, when my business partners were considering investing in Bitcoin.

Of course, before investing, we must always do research. So here is what I have found.

My business partners were keen to mine Bitcoin. Then hold it till the prices go up, and then sell it at a profit. After much research, we found out that to do this, we needed to buy expensive equipment, use a special software to solve math problems.

In Singapore, rental, equipment and even utilities like electricity to run the computers are costly. After doing our own economic math, we decided it was not going to be profitable.

Here’s a video with more information about Bitcoin and mining it. Take a look and learn.

There are other ways to make money from Bitcoin. There are Pay to Click (PTC) websites that pay you when you watch an advertisement or click to pages that contain ads. They pay in Bitcoin.

You can also write about Bitcoin, and be paid for the job. Gambling is another way to win Bitcoins. But I highly advise against this method.

If you have money to invest, consider buying Bitcoins, holding them, and then selling them when prices go up. In fact, in the month of December 2020, Bitcoin broke the $20,000 mark!

Or you can do Bitcoin trading. You buy Bitcoin when prices are low, and sell them when the prices are high. For this latter money making mine, you need to be knowledgeable of the Bitcoin market.

Another way to make money with Bitcoins is to accept Bitcoins as payment. If you are selling stuff or offering a service on the Internet, you can have Bitcoin as a payment option. When you get the Bitcoins, you can either convert it to cash or hold it and wait for the prices to go up and earn higher profits.

And lastly, as with many of the wealth generating options here, you can do Affiliate Marketing for Bitcoins. Sign up for a Bitcoin Affiliate Program. Promote the product or program. When people buy the product or join the program, you earn commissions.

How to Make Money Selling Digital Products Online?

A digital product can be an eBook, online courses, stock photography, digital graphics, fonts and letterforms, music, online videos, and anything that is in a digital format that you can offer as a product and sell it online.

You Can Sell Digital Photos and Make Money
Photo by Asia Travel Gems

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of digital products that you can sell and make money online. You can either source for digital products to sell or create your own and sell them.

Again, you can do affiliate marketing with digital products. ClickBank, described above, can be a source for finding digital products to affiliate with, and sell to earn commissions.

How to Make Money with Digital Products?

Interested to know how to make money selling digital products? Click on the image on the left to go read my blog post about it.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Digital Product?

To be honest, here are some advantages and disadvantages to selling digital products. Click on the image on the left to go read my blog post about it.

How to Make Money Selling Your Photos and Videos?

As mentioned above, one of the ways to make money from selling digital products is to create your own. For example, can do it by selling your photos and videos.

Another way is to upload your photos and videos to a stock image site, and receive payments in various forms. For example, you can earn a side income with donations at Pexels.

How to Join Pexels, Upload Photos and Videos to Earn Some Money?

Click the image on the left to read about how to join Pexels, upload your photos and videos, and earn a side income.

How to Make Money Buying and Selling Domains?

Another way to make money from digital products is to buy and sell domains. But you need a tool to help you find domains that are in demand.

Free Keyword Search Tool to Make Money Buying and Selling Domain Names

Here’s a blog post on a Free keyword search tool to help you make money from buying and selling domains.

How to Make Money by Doing Tasks?

There are sites that will pay you after you have done a simple task. For example, doing a survey, watching videos, playing games, etc. But, not all are good and reliable. I highly recommend you read my reviews before you join any of them.

Can You Make Money from Watching Videos on Swagbucks?

Can You Make Money from Watching Videos on Swagbucks?

Swagbucks claim that people have earned money from the tasks given at their site. But is this true? Can you really earn hard cold cash? Click on the image to read the blog post to find out.

How to Make Money by Dropshipping?

For the past couple of years, drop shipping has been a hot topic for those interested to be online entrepreneurs. Drop shipping is sourcing for a product you would like to sell, then list it on your eCommerce store or on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay.

I have done drop shipping for my online store and on Amazon. I found that I do not need to hold the inventory. When a customer buys the product, I fulfill the order. I buy the product from the supplier, pay the supplier, and get the supplier to ship the order to my customer.

When my customer gets the product or service, I get paid. I have come to realize that drop shipping requires quite a lot of work. As you can see from my short summary in the above paragraph.

How to Make Money with Dropshipping

Keen to know how to make money with drop shipping? Then click on the image on the left to read all about it in my blog post.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Dropshipping?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of drop shipping? Click on the image on the left to find out.

How to Make Money from eBay?

I have also sold products on eBay. Also, done with drop shipping. I will not repeat the points about drop shipping that you can read from above. The points are all the same as with drop shipping and Amazon.

And just like Amazon, you can also choose to sell your own branded products. That is, products you manufacture or create instead of drop shipping. In this case, you have to do the fulfillment of order.

How to Make Money with eBay

If you like to learn how to make money on eBay, then click on the image on the left to read find out how?

Also, similar to Amazon, you need to sign up for an eBay account, list your product, and market it. When there is a sale, you need to fulfill the order.

How to Make Money from Etsy?

This is the biggest online marketplace for handmade products. If you enjoy creating products that are hand made by you or your team, then this is the option to consider.

It is free to open a shop. But when you list an item, it costs $0.20 per item. And when you sell a product, Etsy charges 3.5% per sale. (Kindly note: prices and commission rates can change over time, do check with Etsy for latest info on this information)

How To Make Money From Etsy

For more information about how to make money from Etsy, click on the image and learn.

This platform is popular for for creative people. Items like art, crafts, vintage items and more are sold here. There are millions of buyers. So, there is potential to make money from Etsy.

How to Make Money from a Home Business?

When I started freelancing, I offered my digital marketing expertise as a service. I created websites for businesses, did social media marketing for brands, and other digital marketing services. And I did it from my home. You can do the same, and make a decent income, too.

How To Make Money from a Home Business
How To Make Money from a Home Business

But do check any legal requirements in your local city or country for doing business from home. For example, in Singapore, we need to get a permit from the local housing government body.

More ideas for a home business can be doing affiliate marketing, or selling on Amazon with drop shipping and Fulfillment by Amazon. I have known some people who bake cakes from the homes and sell them online.

The possibilities are almost unlimited. If you need ideas to start a home business, read the information below.

How to Make Money Using Instagram?

How To Make Money from Instagram

Instagram is now very popular, and many people have found ways to make money from this social network. One of the most obvious ways is to become an entrepreneur, and sell your products here.

Another way is to become an influencer. Influencer marketing is a channel that many brands are using these days. They look for Instagram accounts that have huge numbers of followers. Then they ask the influencer to promote their brand in exchange for a fee.

The third way of making money using Instagram is to do affiliate marketing. Yes, you can do that here too. Promote the products that you are affiliated with. And when your followers buy the product, you earn commissions.

How to Make Money from Pinterest?

Another social network to consider making money from is Pinterest. Today, Pinterest is popular with people as a shopping platform, too. So, you can open a free account, post updates, build an audience, and sell your products to them.

Pinterest is also a great platform to feature your website. I do that with my websites. When I add Pins to my boards, and people click on these Pins, I drive traffic to my websites. And when they visit my website, I have the opportunity to convert them into customers.

I have written a series of articles teaching readers how to create a Pinterest business account, how to create a Pinterest board, and how to pin photos and videos on the boards. You can find them in the main menu under the Learn Digital Marketing section.

Meanwhile, you may be interested in the particular lesson about how to pin photos and videos on Pinterest boards. Click the image below to learn about this.

How to Pin An Image or Video To Your Pinterest-Board
How to Pin An Image or Video To Your Pinterest-Board? Click above image to learn how.

Just like Instagram, I also promote affiliate products on Pinterest, too. And when people click on these affiliate product links, and make purchases, I earn commissions.

How to Make Money with Podcast?

Podcasts are getting very popular. People create shows and use podcasting as an additional revenue stream. It can be done for businesses, and even as an individual.

How To Make Money from Podcasts
How To Make Money from Podcasts

What you do is find a niche. Create a show by picking a topic, and talking about it. As you gain downloads, you have the following options to make money.

You can sell products and services using podcasts. Do it strategically. Remember that people listen to your podcast to hear your sharing of your views, your story or your expertise. The last thing they like is to hear your entire podcast plugging away a product or service.

When you have a lot of downloads, you can approach brands for sponsorship. There are brands that are interested to sponsor, and you can earn some income this way.

Once more, affiliate marketing is one of the ways to make money from podcasting.

How to Make Money with Shopify?

One of the ways I found to make money online is using Shopify. I signed up for an account. It offered me online service to create an eCommerce store. There is also an option to create the store on my website or use their tools to add products to my website.

The service provided by Shopify can help you add products, process orders, as well as many other tools to help you run the eCommerce site. For me, I combined drop shipping with the Shopify service.

What I did was use Shopify to create the eCommerce site. Then I went to AliExpress to find products I would like to sell. I added the products to my store. When a customer buys a product, I ordered it from the AliExpress supplier. The supplier will ship the product to my customer directly.

I get paid after my customer confirmed receipt of the product, and in good order. As you can see, this is not really passive income. There is work to be done every time there is a purchase made.

Still, it is a very popular way to make money with Shopify. And many people have done it with great success.

Of course, if you create your own products, you can use Shopify to create an eCommerce site to sell them. Shopify is excellent for entrepreneurs who like to do eCommerce. Plus, you do not need to manage payment methods, which can be quite a hassle.

Do note that Shopify subscription costs money. For example, the basic plan costs $29 per month. And when you make a sale, Shopify charges you 2.9% and 30 cents per transaction. Please do check with Shopify for the current subscription fee, transaction rates, and any other costs incurred. This will affect your profits.

How to Travel and Make Money?

Do you like to travel? Would you like to travel and make money? I know I do. And I am doing this.

Ever since I worked at Microsoft, and managed accounts across the Asia Pacific region, that required me to travel extensively, I have been bitten by the travel bug. Today, I travel for pleasure, and make some money from doing it.

I write a travel blog called Asia Travel Gems. And I do Affiliate Marketing as well as have an advertising network that advertise on the website.

How To Travel and Make Money
How To Travel and Make Money

As I travel, I write articles about my experience and share my thoughts and views of the places I visit, the food I eat and the sights I see. Affiliate programs and the advertising network strategically places their ads on these articles.

When someone clicks on the ads from the advertising network, I get paid. When someone sees the ads from that advertising network, I get paid. When someone clicks on an affiliate ad, and makes a purchase; for example book a room at a hotel, I get paid a commission.

And all these happen after I write the article and publish it on my website. I do not need to do anything else after that. I do not need to handle any hotel room bookings or customer queries, or anything.

Isn’t that awesome?

This is why I like affiliate marketing so much. And you can use what I am doing to travel and make money.

Does affiliate marketing’s power to create passive income interest you?
Click here now to start learning how to do affiliate marketing.
(No credit card required for Free Starter Package)

Besides affiliate marketing, you can also create an online store on your travel site. Promote products, and sell them to make money.

How to Make Money Using WooCommerce?

You can use WooCommerce to set up an online store, and sell products. In this case, I am referring to the WooCommerce plugin. It is easy to set up, and you can start selling online from your website with this plugin.

The concept is quite similar to Shopify. But instead of creating your eCommerce store on Shopify, you create it on your website using the WooCommerce plugin.

And just like Shopify or any eCommerce store, you can sell your products or services on your online shop. They can be professional services like digital marketing, or selling courses and memberships. You can even sell affiliate products with WooCommerce.

And similar to Shopify, you can do drop shipping with the online store that you created with this WooCommerce plugin.

How to Make Money from YouTube Videos?

It used to be easier to make money from YouTube videos. But after YouTube changed the monetization requirements, it is not so easy. Still, it can be done.

To get paid by YouTube, you need to build an audience. You do that by making videos that people like. Also, be mindful of the YouTube community guidelines.

To qualify for monetization, your YouTube channel need to have a good standing with YouTube. One of the requirements is to have at least 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months. Another requirement is to have at least 1,000 subscribers.

Here is a video from YouTube explaining in further details on how to make money on YouTube.

There are creators who make a living producing videos on YouTube. You can do it, too.

Make Money with Simple Relaxation Videos

How to Make Money on YouTube With Simple Relaxation Videos

One of the ways to make money with videos on YouTube is to produce simple relaxation videos. You don’t need to take videos or create music to do this. It is easy, and you can do this. Click on the image to read my blog post to find out how?

Another way of making money using YouTube is to sell your own merchandise, create sponsored content, have fans who pay you directly, or even license content to media companies. The latter was one way I made money from YouTube. Here is the video that I licensed to them.

How To Make Money Online?

Timotheus Final Thoughts
for Passive Online Revenue

I have presented many ways to make money on the Internet. Of course, these are not the only ones. There are plenty more ways to generate income from the world wide web.

As the digital landscape grows and changes, more opportunities will be created. I will continue to share more of these. To receive updates on more opportunities as well as more information on each of these opportunities, please join my I Love Passive Income Community.

To conclude, I would like to share my #1 Recommendation on making money on the Internet. And that is with Affiliate Marketing. As I said earlier, affiliate marketing comes very close to be a true way of creating passive income.

Does affiliate marketing’s power to create passive income interest you?
Click here now to start learning how to do affiliate marketing.
(No credit card required for Free Starter Package)

If you have ANY questions about How To Make Money On The Internet?, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

Also, if you are a current or former member, and would like to leave your own review or feedback below, I would love to hear from you, too.

Thank you for reading this.

Best wishes to All!


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  1. Hi there and thanks for your informative and timely article,
    I’m interested in making money through online courses and was wondering if you have some more information or a post that you could recommend to me that deals with this.
    I want to create an online course that I can then offer for different levels of membership
    Any help would be much appreciated

    1. Hi Marketa. I am very happy and grateful that you like this article and found it informative.

      Also glad it is timely for you. I had a feeling that many people will need this information in 2020.

      Regarding articles about making money through online courses, I will be writing about this soon. It will be covered in one of the series under making money with digital products. Please do join my I Love Passive Income Community to receive updates when I publish these articles. 🙂

  2. Wow, you have provided so many useful ways to make money online. Great work!
    I personally use affiliate marketing, and I really hope it goes well.. So far i’ve enjoyed writing the content but haven’t yet made money. I might consider using some of the methods you mentioned to make money online.
    Thank you for this post.

    1. You’re welcome, Michael. I am so happy and grateful that you found the article helpful. And that it gave you more ideas to make money on the Internet.

      Affiliate marketing is indeed one of the best ways to make money. And it is truly more passive income than the other ways. Of course, you can also combine it with the other methods. For example, you can use WooCommerce to sell affiliate products on your website.

      I wish you immense success with affiliate marketing. Please do join my I Love Passive Income Community as I will be writing more articles on how to increase your income with affiliate marketing. 🙂

  3. I enjoyed reading this very informative post on making money on the internet. I learnt quite a lot, especially joining aliexpress as an affiliate. I have a woocommerce store on my blog, and surprisingly hadn’t thought of selling affiliate products on it!! I set up the store to sell my t-shirt designs and mugs in the cat niche.

    1. Hi Kathy! It is awesome that you are using WooCommerce to sell t-shirt designs and mugs on your website. Yes, you can expand that to include affiliate products using the very same WooCommerce plugin. Glad this article helped and gave you that idea.

      With affiliate products, you will earn less than selling your own products. But in exchange, you have less work to do; such as managing inventory, costs of storing the products, fulfilling the orders, and handling customer matters, if any.

      For more ideas, please join my I Love Passive Income Community. You will receive updates whenever I publish more money making ideas. 🙂

  4. Very insightful and a lot to consume I like it.
    Most importantly is that these options amongst many are actually legit and not sketchy because of there a lot of ways to make money online and a lot of to get burnt as you mentioned. Good post.

    1. Hi Tenyiko. I am very happy and grateful that you liked this article. And you found it really helpful, too.
      Yes, I had been burned before. This is one of the reasons why I am sharing this information. And I plan to share more. To help people. To save them time and money. So that they know what is the best option for them. Please join my I Love Passive Income Community to get updates when I share more money making ideas. 🙂

  5. What an extensive list of ideas!
    I like how you brought up so many ideas for how to make money on the Internet. The Internet is being used now more than ever and only looks to get even more popular.
    Making money through YouTube does seem to be harder than it used to but still possible. I have heard that YouTube is only getting more popular too so it makes sense to get involved with this now.
    I definitely believe that you can make money on the Internet as long as you are willing to work hard and be consistent with your effort.
    I look forward to coming back to your site for more ideas.
    Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

    1. You’re welcome, Jesse! I am very happy and grateful you like the list and ideas I presented here. Yes, the Internet is going to be more and more the space for people to hang out and use. Especially to do online business and make money.

      It is still possible to make money on YouTube. And thanks to more and more people liking content that is visual, video will be bigger in 2020 and beyond. So, yes, do use YouTube to make your fortune.

      And I totally agree with you that one needs to work hard, just like any business, to be successful and make money on the Internet. As I wrote in the article, a lot of the ideas require hard work. Affiliate marketing needs some work too. But less than the other options. More importantly, it should be noted that all these methods are not get rich quick schemes. Hard work needs to be done. With hard work, you reap rewards.

      Glad to hear you will be returning for more ideas. Please join my I Love Passive Income Community to receive updates when I publish new money making articles. 🙂

  6. These recommendations are absolutely incredible, and I am definitely bookmarking this page. I recently became unable to reliably go to a job to work, and started looking for options where I worked from home, preferably on my own schedule so that I would be able to still be productive and work, but not have to worry about how many days I missed. I watched my dad build a business from our garage as I was growing up, and with that unique education and my skills at networking online, I know I can do it, with a lot of hard work and dedication. With the tips you share here, I sincerely hope that I can begin making a comfortable living from my own home, working as many hours as I am able to. Thank you so much for sharing these terrific recommendations.

    1. Thanks Chris! For bookmarking this page. It clearly tells me you have found the information in this article to be helpful and useful. And I am so happy and grateful for that. It is my desire to help people learn how to make money on the Internet. Like you, there are many people who are looking for options to work from home. And many of these ideas I presented here can help them to achieve that.

      Of course, the list here are not get rich quick schemes. There needs to be lots of hard work to be done. And you are right to note that by sharing about your dad building the business from ground up.

      I am here to help you. So, please do join my I Love Passive Income Community. I will be sharing more money making ideas that I am sure will help you achieve your online entrepreneur goals. 🙂

  7. There are many ways you can make money online and you have listed so many possibilities here in this article. I really appreciate the explanation of each of them and helping people understand how each of the techniques work, this really makes a difference in what avenues that I feel I would like to explore.

    1. I am very happy and grateful that you found this article useful and helpful, Dena. I agree that there are many more ways to make money on the Internet. I have only listed some. These are the ones I have experienced with and I have mentioned the few that I have found to work well. The good news is that I will elaborated more on each of these soon. Watch out for these detailed articles.

  8. Hi Tim,
    I think you have done an excellent job of pointing out the pros and cons of the different ways to make money on the internet. I appreciate the thoroughness in which you explain each method and the skill set needed to succeed. Thanks for this informative and helpful post.

    1. My pleasure, Thabo. I am so happy and grateful that you found this article useful and helpful to guide you how to make money on the Internet. I will be sharing more of each other ways mentioned in this article. And I will expand and provide more details, too. For example, I have written an article with more information on How to Start To Blog and Make Money? Check it out, my friend.

    1. Hi! Glad you liked the article and found the information useful and helpful. To get updates, be a part of my I Love Passive Income community. You get email notifications whenever I publish a new post.

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