Can You Make Money from Watching Videos on Swagbucks?

Can You Make Money from Watching Videos on Swagbucks?

Timotheus Update: This post was originally published on 20 August 2021 on this website – Passive Online Revenue. Due to rebranding and consolidation of the two sites, the post is now on this website –

Hi Everyone!

Last week, I wanted to discuss with you about this topic – Can You Make Money from Watching Videos on Swagbucks? But I encountered a few hiccups.

After further research, I discovered something that I feel you should know. Continue watching to find out what it is.

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Watch: Can You Make Money from Watching Videos on Swagbucks?

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I Joined SwagBucks

See, the reason I wanted to do that video is because I saw so many YouTube videos talking about watching videos on Swagbucks. And making money doing that.

Not a lot of money. But some side hustle. Enough to be pocket money, buy pizza or pay for one or two of you bills.

So, I head on to SwagBucks. I joined, and I signed in.

Swagbucks Homepage Dashboard
Swagbucks Homepage Dashboard

As you can see, it is quite exciting! There are claims that you will be able to get free gift cards and cash.

And this is for everyday things you on online, like watching videos. And they are legit. They have paid over 580 million members already. That’s why there were so many good reviews of SwagBucks.

Lots of Ways to Make Money But No Watch Video Option!

On the home page, I can see many options. There are many ways to make money online.

There’s Answer – where you can answer polls and get SwagBucks points. You can also Shop, take Surveys, Shop, take up offers, play games, and more.

After you complete each of these tasks, you can earn SwagBuck points
You can convert these points to gift cards. Or convert to cash and be paid via PayPal.

BUT … And that is a BIG BUT. There is no Watch option.

The Watch option is where you can earn money by simply watching videos. I searched and search the entire site, but there was no such option.

Why No Watch Video Option?

So, what happened? Why am I unable to watch videos on SwagBucks and make money?

I wrote to the SwagBucks support, and they were of no help. All I got was standard text answer with links that are of no help.

I did some research, and I read on Reddit and Quora that sometimes the Watch option is not available. One reason could be the country I am from.

I am from Singapore. And there are no advertisers that want people from Singapore to watch their video ads.

Another reason is that there are currently no videos available in this region. If it is the 2nd reason, then I have to wait and see.

Problem is, there is no notification to inform me when there are videos to watch. Also, if there are, there may be only a few.

Update – I received a recent reply from Swagbucks support, and here is their reply:

Updated Reply from Swagbucks Support Providing Explanation Why There Is No Watch Option
Updated Reply from Swagbucks Support Providing Explanation Why There Is No Watch Option

In case you can’t see the text in the image, here is what it says, as shown below:

— start of email —

Aug 16, 2021, 12:16 PM PDT
Dear (my email address)

Thank you for your inquiry regarding surveys!

To help clarify, watch(Ncrave) is provided by outside and independent providers.

If you are not currently seeing eligible watch videos for your account would mean that there is no videos available for you or your geographic location at this time and is independent of Swagbucks

The process for screening or eligibility of any watch activity is set by the provider who offers that and is independent of Swagbucks.

Please continue to check your account page often for new watch opportunities as they become available to you.

Thank you for your understanding and patience

— end of email —

As you can see, my guess was correct. I did not have the Watch option because of my geographic location. And I have to wait for videos to be available. At the same time, there was no notification to inform me when videos are available.

So, do they expect me to monitor this every day or every few hours? That is a lot of time and effort.

Still, Lots of Other Ways to Make Money

Even then, there can still be other ways to make money on SwagBucks. Like I mentioned above, there are polls, surveys, shopping, playing games, etc.

You can do all these to earn SwagBucks points. Again, not very much money to earn here.

How Much Money for Each SwagBucks?

I have seen others saying that 1 SB point is only $0.01. That’s very little money for a lot of effort. And here’s something even more shocking. My account does not allow SwagBucks to be converted into cash. (watch the YouTube video to see proof of this)

One Swagbucks Points equal One US Dollar
One Swagbucks Points equal One US Dollar

I read many articles. And seen many other YouTube channels, where they claim that they are able to convert their SwagBbucks into cash. So, why not my account?

I tried to submit a support ticket. But it was too much hassle. Not user friendly at all.

The only reason I believe is because I am from Singapore, and it is not one of the countries they provide this service. See, when I tried to select a country for my support ticket. Singapore is nowhere to be found.

Singapore Not Supported by Swagbucks
Singapore Not Supported by Swagbucks

Can You Make Money from Watching Videos on Swagbucks?

Timotheus Final Word
for Passive Online Revenue

No Watch Video option. No converting SB points to cash.

The No Watch Video option is not that bad a problem. I can always do the other tasks, and earn SB points. But after earning, I would like to convert it to cash. And be paid via PayPal. Which apparently many other people said it is possible.

The only reason I can guess is that they do not offer this option to some countries. And Singapore is one of them.

So, if you joined SwagBucks, and like me, you would like to convert SB points to cash. Please check if this option is available for you before you spend any more time on this.

Again, it is 1 SB point to only $0.01. That is not a lot of money to earn for your time. For me, I prefer to earn more. And I prefer earning with passive income.

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I wish you immense wealth and success!

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