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How Jaaxy Can Help You Find Money Making Keywords Easily?

Timotheus Update: This post was originally published on 11 August 2018 on this website – Passive Online Revenue. Due to rebranding and consolidation of the two sites, the post is now on this website –

Jaaxy is so much more than just a keyword tool. It can help you find keywords that can make money for you! But wait. If you do not know what Jaaxy is, go read my review about it. Then come back here to find out How Jaaxy Can Help You Find Money Making Keywords Easily?

Interested to Learn More About Jaaxy? Read My Review, Click the above image
Interested to Learn More About Jaaxy? Read My Review, Click the above image

Niche Ideas for New Businesses

When starting a business, one of the most difficult steps is choosing a niche. Added to that, there is the worry that the niche chosen has too much competition. I know this to be true because this was what I experienced.

Need niche ideas? Jaaxy can help you with that.

On top of all that stress, I was relying on keyword tools that were bad. They gave me very little information and intel on keywords.

Then I found Jaaxy. I was amazed at the useful information this powerful keyword tool gave. With Jaaxy, I have all the right data. I knew which keywords had lower competition.

With lower competition, the keywords gave me ideas for niches that I can start businesses in. They can be for my next or future businesses. Plus, with the keyword intel I get from Jaaxy, I can create successful campaigns that will grow my businesses.

I can even get ideas for keywords I never thought of. And information about the keywords that no other keyword tool can give.

Let me show you what I mean.

Below are a couple of examples in niches that I do not know anything about, and am presenting as I write this article – “Womens Watches” and “Wedding Rings”

Niche Idea #1: Women’s Watches

I am going to find keywords, using Jaaxy, that has less than 300 total competing pages in Google (in all the world. At the same time, the keywords must have good amount of traffic. Also, these keywords MUST make sense. I explained the value of all these points in my review of Jaaxy.

Here are keywords found for Womens Watches:

Womens Watches Search Results
Womens Watches Search Results

I entered the keywords – Womens Watches – and did a Broad Search in Jaaxy. Immediately, the results gave me 20 keywords that I can easily rank for in Google. This is ONE Search done in less than 20 seconds!

The keywords are enough for me to create campaigns that target Womens Watches. So easy, right? In fact, if I am selling Women’s Watches on an e-Commerce store, I can use these keywords for Google Ads, and the ads will be able to reach the audience searching for Women’s Watches.

With the right keywords, the Google Ads will get high Click Through Rates. This means many people will click on the Ad, and visit my e-Commerce website. This will result in higher chances of sales.

Niche Idea #2: Wedding Rings

I repeat the above ONE Search for Wedding Rings niche.

Wedding Rings Search Results
Wedding Rings Search Results

Very quickly, I have 20 Wedding Rings keywords that I can use to create content for my website. And with that intel, I know for sure they will be awesome for ranking on search results.

The above is proof of the power and efficiency of Jaaxy. In less than ONE MINUTE, literally One Minute, I have two lists of keywords for two niches I know nothing about. Keywords that I can use to create content that will rank on search results or drive brand new campaigns successfully.

If I did it without Jaaxy, like in the old days when I did this manually, it would take HOURS! Worse, if I use other keyword tools, I will not get the results I desire.

Another Money Making Opportunity using Jaaxy

Here is another Money Making Idea from using Jaaxy.

Did you know that there are people who buy domains, and sell them at a profit? We are talking about thousands of dollars of profits here!

The Jaaxy Enterprise package will show keyword results that has a column that shows Domain Availability. What this means is that there are Exact Match Domains (called EMDs) that are available with that corresponding search term.

This feature is awesome! It shows you that there are a lot of domains that you can buy, and resell for thousands of dollars. I am so excited about this business opportunity! I am going to start this as my next online business venture. You can do it too! Don’t miss this golden opportunity!

Domain Availability
Domain Availability

Besides buying and selling domains, you can actually keep these prime time .com domains. For each of these domains, build a small website. Fill it with enough content with relevant keywords. Google likes such domains with keywords in them, and will rank them at very high on search results.

Imagine that! A domain only costs about USD$10 per year. If I can get thousands of clicks to my website, I have a domain that will be attractive to buyers. Is this a cool business model?

So, what are you waiting for? Jaaxy offers so much more than just keyword research. It can help you find ways to make money online. Interested to Find Out More? Click the Image below.

Interested to Learn More About Jaaxy? Read My Review. Click above image
Interested to Learn More About Jaaxy? Read My Review. Click above image

If you have ANY questions about this article – How Jaaxy Can Help You Find Money Making Keywords Easily, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help out.

Thank you for reading this.

Best Wishes to All!

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16 thoughts on “How Jaaxy Can Help You Find Money Making Keywords Easily?”

  1. Jaaxy is absolutely awesome, I use it too and it’s been such a life saver in my business. Everyone looking for a keyword tool should try it out by all means.

    1. You are right, Mitala. Everyone should use Jaaxy. As a digital marketing consultant, I recommend to all my clients. And they love it. I just wish I can reach out to more people and help them know about this amazing keyword tool. 🙂

  2. I find your information on Jaaxy very interesting, even though I am using Jaaxy for keyword research with positive success with more traffic and sales I really don’t understand how to use the other features Jaaxy provides.

    I would appreciate if you could help me with the other features of Jaaxy, I am not receiving all the benefits from this tool which I could be.


    1. Hi Jeff. Great that you are using Jaaxy. Of course I would be happy to share with you all of the other powerful features of this awesome keyword tool. For starters, this very article showed you how to make use of Jaaxy for ad campaigns. You can use the keywords for Google Adwords. From my experience, it is very powerful combination. And the CTR (Click Through Rates) and ROI (Return On Investment) are higher. I can write about this in another post about Jaaxy.

      Actually, now that I think of it, you have given me a great idea. I will write more articles about Jaaxy. And will write some that will cover the features of Jaaxy more. What do you think of that?

    1. Hi Evan. Thanks for the kind words on my article. I do not have any experience buying and selling domains … yet. As mentioned in this article, this is the next business I will be looking at (now that I have Jaaxy). But it is not selling them on Jaaxy. Jaaxy gives us ideas on which domains are good domains to buy. We buy the domains from companies like Whois. We sell them on the online market. There are many sites to sell domains. Or you can simply hold on to a domain until someone comes along and make an offer. This happens too.

  3. This is AWESOME! Seriously!

    I’ve thought about using Jaxy and other content targeting software in the past to come up with some website ideas.

    One question I have is in the first image, you wouldn’t want to build a site around “luxury women’s watches” as it has an AVG of 40 visits right? You’d be better off with Diamond Wedding Rings as that has an AVG of 4100 right? Just trying to understand this a bit better…..

    1. Hi Dave. Thanks! Very happy you like this article.
      Yes, if you only look at average traffic, Diamond Wedding Rings is a better choice. But you have to also look at the QSR – the competition. Notice Luxury Womens Watches has half the competition that Diamond Wedding Rings has. This means the latter will be harder to rank higher and faster.

      Some people may choose Luxury Womens Watches because it is known that traffic for some keywords will grow over time. Also, do note that when you use a keyword like Luxury Womens Watches, you will also capture the traffic for Womens Watches.

  4. This is really great information, thanks for sharing. I find Jaaxy really good for finding keywords for my website but had never thought about using it for ads that is a great idea. I am still new at this so soaking up as much information as possible. Do I need the premium version to get the most out of it?

    1. You’re welcome, Dena. Glad to help. 🙂

      Yes, the keywords we find on Jaaxy are ideal for online ads – e.g. Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. They do return better CTR and ROI.

      Yes, to get most of it, the Premium version is the best. Although, if you are on a budget, you can try the Free Starter first.

  5. Hi Tim,
    This is an excellent article that has made me more aware of the uses for Jaaxy. I have never thought of using it for online ads–great idea. I’ll keep that in mind. What I like most about Jaaxy is that it can save you a bunch of time so you don’t write content that people have no interest or low interest in. Also, it can stop you from writing content that is too difficult to rank. That can save you a lot of frustration. There have been a few times when because of Jaaxy I was able to rework a post that would gain more interest and better ranking. Thanks for sharing this helpful post.

    1. Hi Thabo,
      You’re welcome. Glad I could help and give you more ideas on how to use Jaaxy.

      It really does help in getting the right keywords for online ads. I use it for my e-Commerce store. I find the right keywords on Jaaxy that has high AVG (traffic). Then I check out the competition on Google Adwords. If it not too high, I use the keywords for my online ads. And it always works. I get good amount of traffic and CTR.

      As for using Jaaxy to write content, I mentioned that in my Jaaxy Review. 🙂

  6. Hello Timotheus,

    Thank you for this extremely interesting post! I do use Jaaxy already but I am not very familiar with how to use it profitably.
    I haven’t really thought about using Jaaxy for getting ideas of topics to write about. That’s an awesome approach! When you write a post, how do you do? Do you search for main keywords first, like for example “women’s watches” and afterwards you make a low hanging fruit keyword (a whole sentence) out of the main keywords?
    Like you said to Jeff in the comment above, I think it would be a great idea for you to write about how to use Jaaxy to its full extent. I also do not understand how to use keywords for ad campaigns. Yes, it would be awesome to learn all about how to do ad campaigns.


    1. Hi Pernilla,
      Glad you like this article. You are right that you will need to understand and interpret the data that Jaaxy presents in order to use it successfully and for profits.

      To use Jaaxy to get ideas for writing on topics, you will need to search for keywords first. I have written more about this in my Jaaxy Review. It includes the data to notice that will help you rank higher on search engines.

      Noted on the requests to write more about how to use Jaaxy fully. I will do that soon. Watch for it. 🙂

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