How to Join Pexels, Upload Photos and Videos to Earn Some Money?

How to Join Pexels, Upload Photos and Videos to Earn Some Money?

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Hi everyone!

In a previous blog post, I shared about uploading photos and videos to Pexels. Doing that can lead to you earning some side income.

Today, I’m going to discuss with you how to join Pexels, how to upload photos and videos so that you can earn some money. It really is easy.

The reason I’m writing this blog post is because I had a few requests from student as well as viewers and subscribers. So for them and everyone watching, here it is.

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About Pexels

As mentioned, I wrote a blog post about Pexels and how to earn money from there by simply uploading photos and videos. As such, I won’t repeat the info about what is Pexels here.

If you interested learn more about Pexels, go read that blog post and watch the video. Click on the image below to get there.

Pexels Review - Can You Earn Money with Your Photos?
Pexels Review – Can You Earn Money with Your Photos?

How to Join Pexels?

It is very easy to join Pexels. Simply go to the Pexels website. Click on the image below if you are interested to get to the Pexels website.

Pexels Homepage
Pexels Homepage

After you click on the link, you should arrive at the Pexels home page. Click on the green Join button.

You will come to a page where you will be given the choice to join as a member who will simply download photos and videos from Pexels. Or as a member who will contribute. That is to share your photos and videos to the Pexels community and the world.

Today, we are discussing about being a contributor on Pexels. So, after you click on I Want To Contribute, you will arrive at the next page.

On the next page, you can join Pexels using your Facebook account, or if you prefer, you can enter your details such as name and email address.

Create a password for your account, and click on the green Create New Account button. After that, you will receive an email to verify your account. After verification, you are now a member of Pexels.

How to Upload Photos and Videos to Pexels?

Next time you log in to Pexels, you will arrive at their home page. At the top right corner, you will see the green Upload button. Click on this button to upload your photo or video.

Next, you will arrive at the Upload Photos and Videos page. Here, you will be reminded again that your uploads will be distributed for free under the Pexels License. If you like to find out more about the Pexels license, you can click Learn More for details.

There is another reminder to meet their guidelines in order for your photo or video to be featured on Pexels. Click on the ‘our guidelines’ for more details.

If you like to see how the above is done, step by step, please watch the video above.

Finally, when you are ready, you can either browse your computer or drag or drop your photo or video into the upload area. When you are ready, click the green Publish button to have your photos and videos uploaded into your Pexels account.

In your Pexels account, you can see some of the photos and videos I have uploaded so far. One thing to note is taht I have noticed recently that when I upload images, they require it to be at least 4MB. So, make sure you have your photos at least that size.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Remember to read the Privacy Policy, go through the Terms of Use. I won’t go through all this in this blog post or in the YouTube video. You should do your due diligence and read it before you join Pexels.

How to Join Pexels, Upload Photos and Videos to Earn Some Money?

Timotheus Final Word
for Passive Online Revenue

Pexels does have a mobile app (on android at least), and you can download it from the Play Store. After you download and log in, you can click on your profile photo, and you will see your stats on the next screen.

Pexels Homepage on Mobile App
Pexels Homepage on Mobile App

You will also see the media you have uploaded so far. And for each of the photo or video, you can see stats; e.g how many views, how many downloads, etc.

Again, if you like to see these screen shots of the mobile app, please watch the video above. The above image is just one of many that I show in the video.

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I wish you immense wealth and success!

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How to Join Pexels, Upload Photos and Videos to Earn Some Money?

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Pexels is a community that shares photos and videos. You can use these copyright free media for your websites, videos, etc. But can you earn money when you upload your original photos and videos? Read my review for full details, and my recommendation.


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