How to Make Money from Amazon?

How to Make Money from Amazon?

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2 thoughts on “How to Make Money from Amazon?”

  1. Amazon sounds great and it has many different opportunities; however, I am like you in only wanting to do affiliate marketing through them. I have looked into some of the other possibilities and none of them seems to be as streamlined as affiliate marketing. I like that you just place your link and people click it and you get a commission. It really does take many of the headaches out of getting products, shipping it to the customer and dealing with the customers first hand.

    1. Thanks Dena. We think alike. While I do encourage affiliate marketing. I do find the other ways to make money just as good and profitable. It’s just that they take a lot of time. So, when my affiliate marketing makes enough to free some time, I will use the additional free time to start to do more to make money from Amazon. As mentioned in my blog post, I think I would write my first book and sell it on Amazon. 🙂

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