How To Buy Crypto Without Fiat on Binance?

How To Buy Crypto Without Fiat On Binance?

Disclaimer: This article does NOT provide financial advice. It is purely for educational purpose only. Please practise due diligence before getting started with trading crypto and always manage risk sensibly.

Last week, I made the conscious decision to start my crypto adventure! I was so excited! A representative from 4C Trading was ready to assist me to get registered on Binance.

This is so that I buy USDT, and I can get the 4C Trading Bots to trade crypto for me automatically, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. But when I tried to buy the crypto, USDT, I was not able to!

What happened?!!

Find out in this blog post where I share with you How to Buy Crypto Without Fiat on Binance?

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How To Buy Crypto Without Fiat On Binance? – The Video

If you prefer to watch a video first before you read this post, here is a video I made about this topic.

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What Are Cryptocurrencies?

In case you are new to the crypto world, and wondering what are cryptocurrencies, here is a short explanation. Basically, cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies. For the full explanation of what this is, you can read it in my article where I shared How to Make Money with Cryptocurrencies?

In that article, I discuss more than just what are cryptocurrencies. I also write about the many ways you can make money with cryptocurrencies. If you like to read more about this topic, click on the image below.

How to Make Money with Cryptocurrencies?
How to Make Money with Cryptocurrencies?

What is Binance?

Before I share with you what happened, let me discuss what Binance is. Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange. It is a platform for trading various types of cryptocurrencies; such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and many more.

In order to get the SMART Bots from 4C Trading to do the automatic trading for me, I needed to register an account with Binance, and buy some crypto called USDT. This is because the SMART Bots trade with USDT.

Why Do We Need Binance?

As mentioned above, the SMART Bots at 4C Trading does the trading using USDT on Binance. So, in order to get the bots to make money for me, I needed to buy USDT on Binance with an eWallet set up. When I have USDT in my eWallet, the SMART Bots will use the USDT there to do trading for me automatically. And they do it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Very important – Please note that the SMART Bots APIs trade on Binance. com and not Binance. sg. There is a difference between these two sites. And I will explain it in another blog post.

How Did I Buy Crypto Eventually?

So, as I mentioned at the start of this video, I was not able to buy the USDT crypto on Binance initially because of a problem with fiat transfer. Let me explain what happened.

I went to the Binance site and registered an account. Then the next thing to do was to buy some USDT. The idea was to buy via bank transfer (that is via cash transfer). This is so that the transaction will not incur any fees at all.

I clicked on the Buy Crypto option, and was brought to the page to make the purchase. There was an option to buy using local currencies. I clicked on that option, and a drop down menu appeared. It showed all the currencies one can use to buy cryptocurrencies. To my surprise, there was no SGD (Singapore Dollars) option.

Options to Buy Cryptocurrencies on Binance
Options to Buy Cryptocurrencies on Binance

I am from Singapore, and I wanted to buy with SGD. Also, then I can do the bank transfer, and not incur any fees. But there was no SGD! Also, I noticed that the range of currencies were not many.

I discussed this with the friend from 4C Trading. And they explained that the SMART Bots trade on Binance. So, I must have the USDT on that site for the bots to trade with. So, it looked like I was not able to get the SMART Bots to trade automatically for me. And as such, I may not be able to make money from this opportunity.

There Is Always A Way

After that roadblock, I was almost about to give up. And I was almost resigned to the fact that I may not be able to earn a steady income using the SMART Bots.

Then I noticed another option for buying crypto. There was the option to buy using credit card on Binance. And although this was not my go to option, there are many people who buy using credit cards as a secondary option. And it is the alternative because there is the fee 1% fee and cost when credit cards are used for purchasing cryptocurrencies.

But to me, it was better than nothing. Better than not being able to grow my wealth with the 4C SMART Bots. So I did that. And I was able to buy USDT! It is now in my Binance eWallet.

So, if you are like me, and you are from a country that Binance does not does not support your country’s fiat via bank transfer, then no problem. Just buy using a credit card. Paying 1% is better than losing out on the +1,000% than the SMART Bots have accumulated since 2019!

Oh, by the way, for your convenience, here is a link to

What is 4C Trading?

Earlier, I mentioned about 4C Trading and SMART Bots. So what is 4C Trading? And what are SMART Bots.

In a nutshell, 4C Trading is a site that offers a holistic solution to crypto traders and investors. SMART Bots are bots that are designed with advanced trading algorithms. These bots do the crypto trading automatically for you. This is practically passive income!

You can learn more about 4C Trading and the SMART Bots in my other article where I wrote about Bitcoin breaking the $20,000 mark. Or you can click on the image below, and you will be brought to that article.

Breaking! Bitcoin Broke $20,000 Mark! New All Time High (ATH)!
Breaking! Bitcoin Broke $20,000 Mark! New All Time High (ATH)!

What Else Do You Get From 4C Trading?

SMART Margin

This feature provides you crypto signals with a success rate of around 70%. The signals are on Binance Futures and FTX, which are two of the most liquid exchanges!

Trade Room and Trade Room Chat

Need some help? Get into the chat rooms to mingle with fellow experienced traders. You can ask questions to help you hone your skills and knowledge.

Weekly Livestream

This is one of the gems when you join 4C Trading. There is a team of expert traders at 4C Trading, and they regularly provide you coin analysis. Plus, you can get online and ask them your burning crypto questions during each session.

Web Dashboard

You get your very own web dashboard to manage your fund and track the performance all under one roof. Anywhere. Anytime.

Highly Secure

Every thing is in your hands – Your fund, Your control and management. It is non-custodial. Even 4C Trading has no access to your fund.

VIP Program

For those who wish to net a higher profit with a larger trading capital of more than USD25,000, 4C Trading has designed the VIP Program Gold and Platinum Pass for the High Networth Individuals and Corporations.

4C Learning

Need to learn more? Get training at the Pro Crypto Trading Bootcamp. With the 4C Learning Pro Crypto Traders Bootcamp, you’ll be learning the proven and tested trading fundamentals from their team of expert traders with decades of experience.

Rich Content

There is a vast digital library of crypto resources to help you learn and grow.

Responsive Support

The 4C Trading team is highly responsive on Telegram via Customer Support. Any time you have any issues, you can easily contact them there.

Who Are The People at 4C Trading?

Ben, Damian and Julien are the co-founders of 4C Trading. Together, with a team of professional market analysts, lawyers and marketing veterans, they have years of experience in the cryptocurrency and financial markets. And they have put the knowledge, skills and experience into good use by providing all 4C Trading members with the best services.

4C Trading Founders
4C Trading Founders

How To Buy Crypto Without Fiat On Binance?

Timotheus Final Word
for Passive Online Revenue

Now that I have USDT in my Binance eWallet, the next thing was for me to get the 4C Trading SMART Bots to do auto trading for me. There was the 4C Trading Holiday promo in December 2020. That would give me 30% Off their subscription. I plan to buy the 12 month subscription. So that will be like getting around 3 months free subscription. Great huh?

I will be sharing more about my journey into the crypto world here on Passive Online Revenue. For example, I will share with you how I purchased the 4C Trading SMART Bots subscription? How to set up a account and buy USDT? And also updates on how I am making money from crypto? Plus more information that will be helpful and useful for you.

So, stay tuned. Get updated whenever I publish a new blog post by joining my I Love Passive Income community. Or get notified of a new video when you subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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If you have ANY questions about – How To Buy Crypto Without Fiat On Binance? – ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help out.

Thank you for reading this.

Best Wishes to All!
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