Motivational Monday Quote by George Eliot – Never Too Late To Be

I am nearly 60 years old. And I started on this entrepreneurial journey rather late in life. I was in my 40s when I decided to build my first business.

I looked around and at my peers. Alai, at the many people who already made it. Was I too late to be rich and successful?

Let’s discuss about this.

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Motivational Monday Quote For You – 19 July 2021

“It is never too late to be what you might have been” – George Eliot

“It is never too late to be what you might have been” – George Eliot

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Empty Promises

Most of my life I had worked for others. I had empty promises made to me.

One of my first jobs was at a startup. The owner dangled the bait that our used work would reap rewards. He would tell us that we would be rich because we were the ones who started his business with him.

After years, he was the one who became rich. All of us who were there from the start did not get anything he said we would.

Sure, we had our monthly salaries. But even that was cut into halves when he needed us to ‘sacrifice’ for the company to survive.

While he had condominiums and expensive cars, the rest of the staff from the startup continued to struggle to make a living.

Learned My Lesson

After that hard lesson, I never trusted anyone who tried to engage my skills and knowledge without paying what I’m worth. I continued to be employed at a few other organizations in the years and decades to follow.

But, it was always at a fixed salary. And worse, very small increments year after year, with little or no bonuses even.

Finally, I decided enough is enough. I was in my 40s, and I made the decision to become an entrepreneur.

Since I am good at digital marketing, I partnered with a few partners and opened a digital marketing agency. It was a good idea. A good venture with potential to earn lots of money.

Unfortunately, my partners did not pull their weight. And instead of focusing on providing digital marketing for clients, they were constantly looking at the next shiny new object.

You heard of that? Shiny New Object? Also, known as SOS?

Whenever there is a new trend that is making money, they would want to do that. To me, that is not how to do a business.

Finally, I decided to part ways with the business. Sold my shares, and moved on.

I decided to be an online entrepreneur.

Today, I focus mostly on affiliate marketing. I like this business because it is truly the closest to creating passive income.

I created websites and promoted affiliate products. When people buy the products, I earn a commission. And since it is on my website, I can get sales 24/7.

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Motivational Monday Quote by George Eliot – Never Too Late To Be

Timotheus Final Word
for Passive Online Revenue

I hope you learned from my experience.

First, don’t waste time.

Second, know that it is never too late to be what you are meant to be. If you decide to become a business owner, then go for it!

I will be sharing more quotes and stories to motivate you. So, if you need some motivation, or need help to stay motivated, then remember to join my I Love Passive Income community.

I wish you immense wealth and success.

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