Motivational Monday Quote by Jack Ma – Learn from Mistakes and Be Successful

Hi everyone! Welcome to another Motivational Monday Quote. Today the words of wisdom is from Jack Ma.

And he spoke about making mistakes and learning from them. It is one of the things to do in order to be a successful entrepreneur.

I can totally relate to that. I’ve had my share of making mistakes in the span of my 30 years of work. I will share more further down in this blog post.

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Motivational Monday Quote For You – 16 August 2021

“If you want to be successful, learn from other people’s mistakes, not their successes. No matter how smart you are, you will encounter these mistakes, and you’ll know how to deal with them.” — Jack Ma

“If you want to be successful, learn from other people’s mistakes, not their successes. No matter how smart you are, you will encounter these mistakes, and you’ll know how to deal with them.” — Jack Ma

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Jack Ma and Alibaba

Jack Ma is a well known businessman and philanthropist from China. He is most famous for Alibaba, an ecommerce marketplace.

When I was doing drop shipping, Alibaba was one of the online marketplaces where I sourced for products to sell. It is a really good site to find cheap products with good quality.

I started to do drop shipping in 2016. By then, I already made my fair share of mistakes in doing my own business. In fact, I would say that I started to encounter mistakes even from the years I started working.

Taught That Mistakes Were Bad

I remember when I was so young, and started at my first job. As someone new to work, I was always worried about making mistakes. What was worse when the culture in a company did not tolerate mistakes.

For some strange reason, the education in Asia is such that mistakes are seen as a bad thing. When I was a student, when I made a mistake, I was looked down at. I was made to feel like I have done something terrible.

Looking back, I wished the education system had instead encouraged students when we made mistakes. And better still, teach students that it is normal to make mistakes. Plus, the important thing is to learn from them.

This would have been a valuable lesson to learn during our formative years. A lesson that we would have carried forward to our working years. And our life.

Mistakes I Made When I Was Younger

So it is no surprise that when I started working, I was so afraid of making mistakes. The fear was so strong that I started to be afraid to be wrong. This was another undesirable trait to have at work.

Being afraid of being wrong would result in lying and saying that I know when I don’t know. For example, when a manager asked me if I knew how to do a marketing plan? And if I did not know it back then, I would have lied and said I knew.

Not a good answer, right? Worse if I was found out.

Started to Learn from Mistakes

I have since learned the error of my ways. I was young, and did not know better. And no one told me otherwise.

Until later in my career, I began to learn that it was all right to not know everything. Once a manager told me, “It is okay to not know everything. If you do not know, just say you don’t know. Nobody knows everything. I don’t know everything. It is more important that when we don’t know, we make efforts to learn.”

That was one of the most valuable lessons I had in my career. Thankfully, I was given this advice when I was in the early years of my career. After that, I was fearless.

When I did not know something, I would admit that I did not know. At the same time, I said that I would find out.

It Is Okay to Make Mistakes … Even For Business

It is the same with mistakes. I am all right to make mistakes. The important thing is that I learn from them.

Committing mistakes is also a good thing. Having done any mistake, and learning from it, I have gained knowledge. As such, when I encounter such situations again, I know what to do. And I do it better.

It is the same when doing business. When I started my first business, I made a lot of mistakes. Needless to say, that business failed. But that is okay.

I took a break, and worked for a company for another few years. During those years, I analyzed what went wrong with my attempt in business. One of the things I found out was that I did not have enough education on how to do an online business.

So, during the years as I worked for a company, I went for courses and workshops. I sought out those that taught me how to do an online business better. This was to get me ready for my next step when I started my online business.

Motivational Monday Quote by Jack Ma – Learn from Mistakes and Be Successful

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