Motivational Monday Quote by Nelson Mandela – Seem Impossible Until It’s Done

There had been times in my life and career when I felt that situations were so bad. When I graduated, the economy crashed, and it was difficult to get a job.

Then the dot com bubble burst impacted me. Soon after, it was the Asian Financial Crisis. And then recently, the covid pandemic.

During these times, motivational words like this from Nelson Mandela really encouraged me. I hope it motivates you, too

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Motivational Monday Quote For You – 5 July 2021

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela

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The Inspiring Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is truly an inspiring man. He has gone through a lot in his life. As a person who had faced impossible odds, he truly embodies this famous quote of his.

image above by Rodneyellis, via Wikimedia Commons

Ever since the first time I read about him, I was filled with awe. Here is someone who faced strong opposition. And was even imprisoned.

All the whole, he never gave up hope. He did his best. And succeeded. I aspire to be a success, just like him.

Impossible Times

I remember how it was when I first graduated, and immediately entered an economy that collapsed. It was very difficult to find a job.

But I was on scholarship, and the organization that I was bonded with was obligated to find employment for all scholars. After all, without a job, how are we to fulfill the bond, right?

Back then, I was young and not that worried about life, career and money. True enough, soon I was matched to a job.

In the years that followed, I experienced a weak economy a few more times: the dot com bubble burst, Asian financial crisis, the Lehman Brothers disaster, and now the current covid pandemic.

When I was younger, I was less troubled by each world crisis. As a young man, it was easier to bounce back. But as I grew older, after getting retrenched or losing freelance contracts, it became harder to do so.

During the Asian Financial Crisis, as I faced zero employment opportunities, I started to feel that a sense of loss. Even though I had the right education and work experience in marketing, it was getting hard. It was impossible to find a job in that field.

Take Action

At that time of the Asian Financial Crisis, I was a freelance digital marketer. The freelance contracts become fewer and fewer until there were eventually none.

I was out of work, and lived on savings. And I was getting worried. Day by day, I felt the pressure and stress of the impossible situation.

To be honest, looking up motivational quotes was the last thing on my mind. Thankfully, I have practiced meditation since young.

And after one of the meditation sessions, I felt calmer. And I had an insight to go find ways to motivate myself. To get out of my funk, and find ways to get a job.

Among the motivational quotes, I came across this one by Nelson Mandela. And I realized that I could get out of this impossible situation. I just needed to take action. To get it done, we must take action, right?

So, I broke out of my fixed mindset that I must find a job as a digital marketer. I looked at as many options as possible. I even went to a government career advice agency.

And to be frank, I was offered a job in an industry that I was not too keen on. It was the security industry.

Have A Plan

But I needed a job. Ideally, it should be back in the digital marketing industry.

Then I told myself – Maybe not now. Maybe later?

I decided, back then, to take up the offer. Do the job to earn an income. While doing it, I will continue to improve and sharpen my digital marketing skills.

First thing I did, after I saved some money, was to get a master degree. I studied hard, and graduated with first class honours. It was at the National University of Ireland, Dublin. Until today, it is one of the top 1% of universities in the world.

Next, I started to do a side gig, and provided digital marketing services to businesses. After some years, I had enough experience, and I left the security industry, and returned to doing freelance digital marketing work.

Be Motivated by Nelson Mandela

By the time I returned to doing digital marketing, I realized something. After my experience with a few economic downturn, I realized that I should not depend on my job as a single source of income.

Also, I noticed that the cost of living has increased a lot. Living in Singapore is especially expensive. And I had the suspicion that it would be difficult to retire comfortably.

I concluded that I would need to have multiple sources of income. And one of them would be by doing online businesses.

I set out to learn ecommerce. I tried private label, drop shipping, shopify, FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon), and more.

Today, I focus mostly on affiliate marketing. I like this business because it is truly the closest to creating passive income.

I created websites and promoted affiliate products. When people buy the products, I earn a commission. And since it is on my website, I can get sales 24/7.

If you like to learn how to do affiliate marketing, and create passive income, click on the link below.

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Today, I have multiple streams of income. One of which is from affiliate marketing.

And it would not have been possible if I had not read motivational quotes like this one from Nelson Mandela, and be inspired to take action. What he said is very true.

When things got tough, it seems impossible to overcome the difficulties. We just have to push forward and take action. Step by step.

And one day, we find that it is all done. And we look back and laugh at what seemed impossible back in the earlier days.

Motivational Monday Quote by Nelson Mandela – Seem Impossible Until It’s Done

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I wish you immense wealth and success.

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