WebTalk Review - Scam or Legit?

WebTalk Review – Scam or Legit?

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16 thoughts on “WebTalk Review – Scam or Legit?”

  1. I agree totally with your review on WebTalk, I joined and at first, it seemed to be a great alternative to Facebook since it was a business networking site.

    Now it is just a small group of the same people posting their business products and services on the site, you will find very little social interaction, not even business networking discussions exist on this site.

    I rejoined Wealthy Affiliate recently and I recommend this as your best training/business networking site to hang out on. I suggest you join as a free member to test it out first, and then if you find it is right for you to upgrade to the premium member.


    From my own experience, WebTalk is a waste of your time,
    but that is just my own opinion.

    1. Thanks for your testimony, Jeff. And additional proof that WebTalk is not a really good option. They truly lost the ‘social’ part of social media.

      Like you said, it has become a site where people are just selling and selling their products. There is no interest to build communities and relationships. People go to social media platforms to socialize. To make friends. To be part of communities. The business part is usually secondary.

      When people need to find products or services, they go to search engines to find them. Not on social media platforms.

      Thanks for the Wealthy Affiliate recommendation. Yes, from my over 20 years experience, this is definitely the best program to join. So much value. Plus, when people join using the link here, they get me as their mentor. To guide them and help them achieve success with their online business.

      Have a great day and weekend! 🙂

  2. Thank you for this comprehensive review of WebTalk. I have wondered about WebTalk for a long time. Like you, a friend invited me to join WebTalk and I did.

    I needed someone to explain in detail how WebTalk functions so that I could judge if it is a scam or not and make an informed decision about it.

    Looking at those WebTalk paid for premium membership levels, it stinks of MLM levels to me. On this point alone, I am going to cancel my account.

    Then there are all those red flags you raised. It is pretty obvious to me now that there is no money to be made within WebTalk and it’s not worth joining for anything else they offer as it doesn’t work too.

    Thank you very much for this review. it was worth my read.


    1. I had bad experiences with MLMs. Yes, plural. Tried quite a few. Always end up spending and not making money. And it was so tiring to try to keep recruiting people. And I can see in your comment that you must have had similar experiences. So, I agree with you that that point alone, that WebTalk is MLM, is sufficient to not continue with them.

      And you are welcome. I did my best, and I am glad what I shared has given you more information, and helped you decide if you should stay with WebTalk.

      Thank you for dropping by. Please join my mailing list and you will receive updates as I intend to publish more reviews, and help people decide which is the best program for them. Like everyone, I too have to be careful with my budget.

  3. I had joined Webtalk a while back when a friend invited me to join but I never really had the chance to look at it till now. I am sure glad I read your review it has really enlightened me of what Webtalk really is. I was thinking another social site and had no idea it was more of an MLM, that is something I am not wanting involved in. Thanks for the review and saving me so much time.

    1. You’re welcome Dena. Glad to be of help. And glad you found the review useful.

      This is what my reviews are for – to help people save time on research, to help people to find the right products or services that match their needs.

  4. Like Dena I too was invited to join Webtalk by a friend. However, it didn’t take long for me to lose interest. It seems to be a platform where people are more interested in hyping product than making real connections. Also, the fact that it’s an MLM convinced me that Webtalk is a waste of time, and I have never gone back. Excellent review that tells the “hard truths” not only about Webtalk but also those of similar ilk.

    1. Thanks Thabo! Glad you found this review excellent. Hard truths are sometimes hard to say. But I have had enough of all the misinformation out there. In fact, while I was researching on WebTalk, I was shocked to see some people still recommend it.

      And thanks for your personal testimonial that aligns with my review – that WebTalk is where people are more interested to push their products than to connect, build relationships and communities. Very much like LinkedIn where I receive messages from people peddling their wares every day.

  5. Ah, thanks for this review very helpful. I was invited by someone in a business group and thought I would look into it. But I decided I was not a big fan, for the very reasons you have highlighted here.

  6. ปั๊มไลค์

    Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

    1. Thank you for your view. May I know why you say that? Also, what do you consider as a better affiliate marketing training program than Wealthy Affiliate?

      I am sincerely asking because so far I’ve found Wealthy Affiliate to be the best and most affordable training program for affiliate marketing.

      Everyone I recommend to, even the lecturers at the University where I teach, find it to be excellent too.

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