Young Living Oils Review 2022 vs Review 2018 - Can You Make Money? (includes My True Experience)

Young Living Oils Review 2022 – Can You Make Money? (includes My True Experience)

Timotheus Update: This post was originally published on 25 February 2022 on this website – Passive Online Revenue. Due to rebranding and consolidation of the two sites, the post is now on this website –

Hi everyone! I wrote a review of Young Living Oils back in 2018. If you like to read that old review, click on the image below.

What Is The Young Living Essential Oils - Scam or Legit
What Is The Young Living Essential Oils – Scam or Legit

Today, I will compare what I wrote back then to the company it is now.

Has the company improved? Are you able to make money with Young Living Oils today? Let’s discuss

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Watch: Young Living Oils Review 2022 – Can You Make Money? (includes My True Experience)

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My 2018 Young Living Oils Review

In my previous review of Young Living Oils that I did back in 2018, I gave Young Living 1 star rating. Back then, in 2018, I decided to write a review of Young Living Oils.

And it was not a review where I simply did research and reported what I found. It was a review based on my true experience with Young Living.

You see, I actually joined Young Living back in the early 2000s. After trying it out, I realized it was not for me (and I explained why in that old blog post). Just a few years later, I left the organization.

Today, one of my students asked me about Young Living. She had been approached to join them, and wondered if it was ok to do so.

I did share with her my 2018 Young Living Oils review, and my personal view about MLM (multi level marketing). At the same time, I realized my other students will benefit from what I shared.

So, here it is an update on that review where I will compare what I wrote back then to how Young Living will fare today.

What is Young Living Essential Oils All About?

The history of the company, of course, does not change. As you can see, in my 2018 review, I wrote that Young Living was a Utah based company that sold essential oils and related products.

The founder was and still is Gary Young, who purported the healing efficacy of herbs and plants, which he created essential oils from. The distilling process to create the essential oils still looks the same. And they still offer the business opportunity to become one of their independent distributors.

As a distributor, you can promote and sell their products. There is much more to this, and I will get into that further into it in this blog post.

So, looking back at my review, and comparing to what they are today, I see things are still pretty much the same as back then. But, there have been some changes since then, too.

For one, they now have a wider range of products, which I will discuss in a later part of this video. Also, the compensation plan has changed. It is different today.

This is interesting as it brings up the question – Can you now make money with Young Living from this new compensation plan? Keep reading to find out.

What Are Young Living Products?

Back in 2018, when I did that review, these were the product categories and products.

Young Living Products 2018
Young Living Products 2018

There were the Essential Oils and Blends, Healthy and Fit, Personal Care, and Diffusers Accessories categories. Today, some of the categories remain the same, some categories have been rebranded, while there are some new categories.

Young Living Products
Young Living Products

On their website, you can see that Essential Oils & Blends are still there. Home is new, compared to what I reviewed back in 2018. Although, if I remember correctly, there were some home products back then. Or products that they named as home use. But, they were not categorized as Home.

Healthy and Fit has been rebranded as Wellness. Actually, Ningxia Red is no big deal. It is actually the goji goji berry, also called the wolfberry. It is a herb that the Chinese are familiar with. Just given a new spin in Young Living.

Personal Care is still there, and with more products added. To me, the new categories are Essential Rewards Kits, and Branded Merchandise.

Is Young Living an MLM?

I know you are keen to know if you can earn an income with Young Living. But, before we discuss the money, I feel it is important you know whether Young Living is an MLM or not?

In the 2018 review, I shared my personal true experience of how I was introduced to Young Living Oils. What happened was I attended a meditation session.

I love to meditate, and enjoy going for meditations. So, at the meditation I attended, the person leading the meditation offered the Young Living Lavender Oil to everyone. To help everyone to relax.

Then, I realized why this person offered her home for group meditations for free. The Young Living Lavender Oil was bait. The idea was for people to try it. And if they liked it, she invited all interested parties to attend a free talk.

Those who did attend the essential oils talk on a later date, including me, eventually signed up as her downline. Yeah. That term – downline.

I have heard that term so many times when I was invited to join other MLMs. This was one of the confirmations that Young Living basically was an MLM.

So, today, is Young Living still an MLM? Let’s take a look.

Here are some screen shots from a Young Living video explaining about their compensation plan. Take note that this is their new compensation plan. The current one.

Immediately, at the start of the video, you can see the typical MLM pyramid style of rankings. There are the Associate, Star, Senior Star and Executive ranks.

Rankings at Young Living
Rankings at Young Living

And here on the following screen shot, they made no effort to hide that they are MLM. How do you tell? Do you see the words Upline, Enroller, and Sponsor? These, including the word downline, are often used in MLM terminology.

You Need Enroller and Sponsor at Young Living
You Need Enroller and Sponsor at Young Living

Today, at Young Living, they no longer refer to you as the distributor. They rebranded the term as Brand Partner.

Brand Partner Requirements
Brand Partner Requirements

And as you can see, there are still terms and requirements to maintain your status as a Brand Partner. And here is the screen shot where they literally show you the multi levels they have.

Levels at Young Living
Levels at Young Living

How Much Does It Cost to Join and Maintain an Account at Young Living?

Back then, you needed to buy a Basic Starter Kit, that costs $40, to join Young Living. There was the option to buy the Basic Starter Plus at $75 or the Premium, which costs $160. And then you must buy at least $100 of products per month to get commission.

Yikes! $100 of products! In a year, you would have spent $1,200 to buy Young Living products!

Today, the way to join Young Living is very different. You can join as a customer or a brand partner. To join as a brand partner, you will still need an enroller and / or sponsor.

I’ve watched a few Young Living brand partners videos, and according to them, to maintain your account, you only need to place an order of at least 100 PV a year. 100 PV is $100. That’s quite achievable, isn’t it?

When you achieve this yearly requirement, you can get Young Living products at 24% off. That is considered like a wholesale discount.

But do not be mistaken. If you like to earn commission, that is another whole thing altogether.

How Does One Make Money from Young Living Essential Oils?

When you buy a Young Living product, you earn points called PV. But to earn a commission, you need to build a team. Here is a screen shot of the same Young Living Compensation Plan video, mentioned earlier.

Requirements to Earn Commission at Young Living
Requirements to Earn Commission at Young Living

On the left hand side, you can see in small writing that it said – To qualify to earn commissions, a brand partner must have at least 100 CV.

What is a CV? CV is the collective PV of a brand partner’s first level customers and the brand partner’s own PV.

You can see on the screen shot the example they gave where a brand partner has first level members under him or her, and they each bought Young Living products which were converted to PVs. Plus, the brand partner’s own purchases, the total CV is 160.

So, the brand partner earns a commission. But is it really worth it???

First of all, you must buy a Young Living product for that month to receive the commission. If you didn’t, then no commission.

Next, you must have first level members who buy Young Living products. And make sure it all adds up to above 100 CV.

This means you must constantly push your first level members to buy Young Living products monthly. Or, as all MLM wants you to do, you recruit more members. And out of the, hopefully, large number of members, you get enough to buy, and achieve at least 100CV per month.

And that is what irks me the most about MLM. You will find that you will be constantly recruiting more and more members instead of running a real business.

Do People Make Money from Young Living Essential Oils?

I always encourage people who have joined MLMs, or thinking of joining one, to look at the company’s Income Disclosure Statement. Here’s the one by Young Living for the year 2020.

Young Living Income Disclosure Statement 2020
Young Living Income Disclosure Statement 2020

Look at that! Do you see that??

Young Living Income Disclosure Statement 2020 shows low or no earnings
Young Living Income Disclosure Statement 2020 shows low or no earnings

87 per cent of their members earn an average of $4 for the year 2020. At the next level, 9.5% of their members earn an average of $217!

The average earnings do increase as we go up the levels. But how many people can achieve that level? From the percentage shown, very little indeed!

Those who earn some decent income are only 0.1 per cent or less of all their members. And there are reasons why so many people cannot earn a decent living by doing Young Living.

Like I said before, you will end up recruiting members rather than running a real business. Also, with all the requirements to go up each level, it is not easy.

Young Living Oils Review 2022 – Can You Make Money? (includes My True Experience)

Timotheus Final Word
for Passive Online Revenue

I’m glad I did this review of Young Living again. It reminded me why I left the organization many years ago.

After a few years, I realized that it was all nonsense. I felt like a recruiter, and I did not want that.

I wanted to do an online business, specifically affiliate marketing business. And I am glad I did that. It is so much easier, and it is a great way to earn passive income.

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Do you have any questions about this video about my Young Living Oils Review 2022 vs Review 2018? And my discussion if you can make money from selling their products? Let me know in the comments below

I will continue to source for ways to create passive income, and write reviews and blog posts about them. Remember to join my I Love Passive Income community to get updated when I publish them.

I wish you immense wealth and success!

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Young Living Oils Review 2022 – Can You Make Money? (includes My True Experience)

Review Author Name: Timotheus

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It’s 2022, and I wonder if Young Living is still the same? Or has it evolved into a way for people to make money. I also share my true experience that I had when I tried to earn an income with Young Living.


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