How To Make Money From The Internet

How To Make Money From The Internet?

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4 thoughts on “How To Make Money From The Internet?”

  1. This article really helps not only to those who have been dreaming to have extra income but to everyone. They might as well make it full time when they start earning big amount of money.

    1. Hi Dan. You are right.
      That is the idea.
      People should join Wealthy Affiliate and begin starting an online business.

      It will take time. Good news is it will happen.
      As the earnings grow, there will be a time when there is enough revenue generating on a regular basis. A monthly basis.
      When that happens, they can consider doing it full time. Many have done it.
      I am on my way to that goal now.

      You can too! 🙂

  2. This is such a great article it really outlines many of the ways you can make money online. I have thought about working on an online store but I did not realize there was so much to it. I am really looking for some type of store that I can have that I do not have to stock merchandise. I believe the term is drop shipping. Can you do this with an online store and would it be profitable?

    1. Hi Dena. Great question.

      Yes, what you described is called Drop Shipping. And it is done like an online store. So, what I am saying is that there are online stores that are doing Drop Shipping. That is, the store sells products that they do not keep stock. They simply take the orders, and then get suppliers who do Drop Shipping to fulfill the orders.

      It can be profitable. The hard part is to find products that can sell. Also, you need to promote the store and products. Otherwise, people will not know the store exists. How you promote the store is the same for any business. I have written an article about Digital Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Business. The same strategies in that article can be used for an e-Commerce store.

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