How to Find the Best Keywords For Your Website

How To Find the Best Keywords for Your Website

How to Find the Best Keywords For Your Website

Keywords are an important part of your digital marketing strategy. And as a digital marketer or an online business owner, you must know How to Find the Best Keywords For Your Website.

In this article, the expansion of the main article – How to Learn Digital Marketing Online – The Ultimate Guide – I will discuss with you about Keywords and how to do Keyword Research so that you can use them effectively for your website, your ad campaigns, and any online marketing efforts.

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  1. What are Keywords?
  2. Video – Keyword Mastery – Keywords are the Foundation of Your Success
  3. Why Are Keywords Important?
  4. Essentials to Perfect Keyword Research
  5. Which is the Best Keyword Tool to Use?
  6. What Do I Do Next with the Keywords?
  7. Can’t Wait For The Next Blog Post?
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What are Keywords?

How You Can Make Money from Internet

When people use a search engine to find things, they type a word or phrase into the search field. Then they click search, and the search engine will find websites or web pages related to that search. And the search engine will produce a pages of lists of these websites or web pages.

The word or phrase are called Keywords. The pages of search results showing lists of websites or web pages are called Search Engine Results Pages. They are commonly referred to as SERP.

The Oxford English Dictionary says that currently there are 171,476 English words (as of the date this article was published). Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged, claims there are around 470,000.

Whichever is correct, the fact is there are billions of keywords. This is because of how the words are combined in use, and also the permutations of the combinations. And this is not counting the keywords in other languages. (we will focus on English keywords here)

Video – Keyword Mastery – Keywords are the Foundation of Your Success

Hey, I know. This is a pretty long article. No time to read? Sure, here is a video – Keyword Mastery – Keywords are the Foundation of Your Success (click on image below) to explain about Keywords and Keyword Research.

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Watch Video on How Jaaxy Can Help You Find Keywords for Your Business Success
No time to read? Watch this video – Keyword Mastery – Keywords are the Foundation of Your Success. Link above. Click Now.

After you watch the video, do come back to finish reading this article. You will not regret it. I have added information about the latest trend for Keywords – Conversational Search Keywords. Keep reading.

Why Are Keywords Important?

As illustrated above, keywords searchers use keywords to find what they are looking for. And what they are looking for could be your products, services or brand.

Keywords enable searchers to find your website or web pages promoting your products, services or brand. As such, you must find the correct and relevant keywords for your website or web pages that people are using. So that they can find your website or web page.

This is done using a Keyword Tool to do Keyword Research.

After you find the best keywords for your website, you use them on your website or web pages. It can be on the site title, page title, headers or even the image alternative text tag. In other words, you do On Page SEO.

On Page SEO techniques will help your website to get ranked high on Search Engine Results Pages. Ranking high increases online visibility, which will enable consumers to be aware of your brand.

Of course, the best situation would be that your website or web page is ranked on the 1st Page of Search Engine Results Pages. It is known that 91.5% of people searching on search engines will click on a link that is on the 1st Page.

When searchers click on your website or web page link that is on the 1st Page of search results, they go to your website. As you can see, this means that keywords can help drive traffic to your website or web page.

When people go to your website or web page, you have the opportunity to convert them to customers. And that would result in increased sales.

Essentials to Perfect Keyword Research

Now that we have established the importance of keywords, let us discuss the Essentials to Perfect Keyword Research.

Your Unique Brand

You started a business. You created a brand. You spent valuable time, effort and money to build and grow your brand. And it is important that people see your brand, recall your brand, and have good association with your brand.

To achieve that, you need to do keyword research and SEO to gain online visibility for your brand. Further down, I discuss the importance of Brand Keywords.

Products or Services You Offer

Besides your Brand Keywords, during the Keyword Research phase, think about what you are offering to the consumers. Is it a product? Is it a service?

How To Start An Online Business - Products

What kind of product are you offering? What kind of service are you offering. Is it something that your target audience needs? I am sure you must have found something that they really need, right?

And if it is, you must deliver it to them. And keywords are a way for your target audience to find your business on search engines.

Keywords That Match Your Products or Services

So now, put yourself in your target audience’s shoes. What words would they type into a search engine to find a product or service like yours?

Think of as many as you can. Write them down. This will be your initial list of keywords.

Next, you have to find out whether the keywords are the best and suitable for your website. What do I mean by this?

Well, you will need to use a Keyword Tool. Enter the keywords into this keyword tool. Find out if the keywords have a good amount of average traffic using this keyword to search.

Then find out how competitive is this keyword. This will help you get a clear picture of whether the keyword can rank high, and even on 1st Page, easily. Also, it helps you with online ad campaigns. Competition affects whether your ad is delivered as well as the advertising costs.

Types of Keywords

There are various types of keywords. Each has its unique use in your digital marketing strategy. You will need to understand each of them to decide how to use them in your marketing efforts.

Brand Keywords

Say, for example, you attend a networking event. You introduce yourself and the business and brand that you either own or represent. Everyone whom you met would know of the brand. And some may like to know more about your business.

Your Unique Brand Keyword

To find out, they would go to a search engine, type your brand name, and do a search. Ideally, your website and anything other online assets (e.g. Facebook Page) should appear on the list of search results. The person can then click on all these to learn more about your brand and business.

As you can see, it is very important that for the above to happen. It improves your brand’s online visibility. Do make sure you use Brand Keywords, and also check once in a while to make sure that your brand website and online assets appear on the 1st Page of SERPs.

Generic Keywords

Generic Keywords are words that have a relatively wide scope. For example, words like Dog, Cat, Business, and Training. Notice that Generic Keywords are usually just one word.

As such, Generic Keywords usually have higher competition. And due to the higher competition, there can be lower conversion rates. Plus, using Generic Keywords for ad campaigns can be very costly.

Long-Tailed Keywords

In contrast, Long-Tailed Keywords are when a searcher types in three or more words into a search query. Sometimes, the words can form a phrase. For example; Organic Dog Food, Best Cat Toys, How to Start An Online Business, or Where Can I Learn Digital Marketing.

As you can see, when someone uses Long-Tailed Keywords, they are looking for exactly what they have intent to learn more in detail. Studies have shown that the intent to buy is higher. In almost every case, when you use a Long-Tailed Keyword for your article, it can result in higher conversion to sales.

Low Hanging Fruit Keywords

Speaking of higher conversion rates, you can raise the chances of getting more sales by using Low Hanging Fruit Keywords. What are these? Think of fruits that are hanging lower on a tree than those higher up. Isn’t it easier to pluck them?

Low Hanging Fruit Keywords

It is the same for Low Hanging Fruit Keywords. These are keywords that have relatively reasonable amount of traffic, low competition, and high chances of getting ranked on the 1st Page of SERPs.

To know what are these keywords, you will need a very good keyword tool that can give you those exact data. I know of such an excellent keyword tool. And it is the same one I use for all my websites and web pages. And it is also why I can get many of my web pages ranked on 1st Page.

I share about this excellent keyword tool further down this article. Keep reading.

Local Keywords

Many people search for local businesses using various apps such as Google, Bing, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc. It is then very critical for you to optimize your website and web pages with Local Keywords to attract these searchers.

Local Keywords can be a country, city, borough or even a district. For example; Bakery in Singapore is using country as a search term. But this can be a little too broad, and may not help you get ranked high.

Local Keywords to Rank On Search Results
Local Keywords to Rank On Search Results

Try a more local keyword. For example, in Singapore there are many districts and neighborhoods. If the bakery is actually in a district called Ang Mo Kio, then a good Local Keyword to use would be Bakery in Ang Mo Kio.

This is just one of the many permutations that the pet store can consider. The pet store can try other Local Keywords such as Best Bakery in Ang Mo Kio, Healthy Organic Cakes and Cookies in Ang Mo Kio, or even Bakery near Ang Mo Kio Central.

Conversational Search Keywords – Latest Trend!

The advent of voice interfaces and sophisticated AI (Artificial Intelligence) have created a new type of keyword – the Conversational Search Keyword.

Conversational Search Keywords Are Important Today

Today, consumers can speak a natural speaking sentence into a device, and the device can reply with a full sentence. This is now applied for searches too. In the past, searches mostly analyzed individual keywords. Technology today looks at the entire string of words.

For example, in the past, we may use keywords such as Car Dealer Singapore. But today, for reason of Conversational Search, it is better to use Where Can I Find The Best Car Dealer in Singapore?

Comscore reports that voice search is on the rise in 2019, and will make up at least 50% of searches in 2020. Can you afford to ignore Conversational Search Keywords?

Which is the Best Keyword Tool to Use?

Now that you understand more about keywords and the importance of keyword research, the next thing you need is to know which is the best keyword tool to use? Let’s start with a bit more details about what a keyword tool is.

What is a Keyword Tool?

A keyword tool helps you to find out if the keyword you plan to use has good amount of traffic, whether it has high, low or medium competition, and many other data to help you decide if it is suitable for your web page or ad campaign. The tool uses Google tools such as Google Autocomplete and Google Suggest to do the keyword research for you.

The Google Suggest extracts keyword suggestions for you. What this means is that the keyword tool will produce a list of more keywords for you. This list are suggested keywords based on the main keyword you have started with.

For example, if you type Restaurant in Singapore, the keyword tool will show you how many people are using this search term, what is the competition for this keyword, and many other useful data. In addition, it will show you suggestions such as Best Restaurant in Singapore, Chinese Restaurant in Singapore, Good Food in Singapore, etc. These also show the traffic, competition and other data. The data is to help you decide if the original keyword you intended to use is perfect, or maybe one of the other on the list is better.

What are the Keyword Tools Available?

Google Adwords - Keyword Planner

There are many in the market. For example; there is the popular Google Keyword Planner, ahrefs, and SemRush.

To be honest, I have tried many, including the few mentioned above. And I found them lacking. The data provided is either too vague or lack enough information to help me decide if the keyword is the best for my website or web page.

For example, Google Keyword Planner gives a range of numbers for the Average Monthly Searches. When I did a search for Womens Watches, it returned the numbers as between 1K to 10K.

I mean, come on. Is it nearer to 1K or nearer to 10K? The difference is huge, and can affect how successful my online marketing campaign will be, right?

What is the Best Keyword Tool?

After years of research, I finally found the Best Keyword Tool. It gives you the exact number of Average Monthly Searches, and the exact number of Average Traffic.

It also advises you how many competitors are there for that keyword, and how many other websites are ranking for that keyword. The latter tells you what are the chances of your website or web page ranking on the 1st Page.

Jaaxy - The World's Most Advanced Keyword Tool

Isn’t this awesome? In fact, I wrote a review of this tool. Check this out – Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review – Truly Awesome!

In this review, I share more info about Keywords, Keyword Research, and even a link to Jaaxy where you can do some Free Keyword Research. Don’t miss this!

What Do I Do Next with the Keywords?

After you have found the right keywords, you are ready to do some On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. This means placing your keywords strategically on your website. For more details, read my article about 12 On Page SEO Techniques for 1st Page Rank.

You should also use keywords for your Off Page SEO efforts. My article – 11 Off Page SEO Techniques for 1st Page Rank explains all about Off Page SEO.

We have come to the end of this article. I will be writing more digital marketing blog posts soon. Please do join my mailing list to receive updates when I publish them.

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How Jaaxy Can Help You Find Money Making Keywords Easily?

Make Money with Jaaxy

How Jaaxy Can Help You Find Money Making Keywords Easily?

Jaaxy is so much more than just a keyword tool. It can help you find keywords that can make money for you! But wait. If you do not know what Jaaxy is, go read my review about it. Then come back here to find out How Jaaxy Can Help You Find Money Making Keywords Easily?

Interested to Learn More About Jaaxy? Read My Review, Click the above image
Interested to Learn More About Jaaxy? Read My Review, Click the above image

Niche Ideas for New Businesses

When starting a business, one of the most difficult steps is choosing a niche. Added to that, there is the worry that the niche chosen has too much competition. I know this to be true because this was what I experienced.

Niche Ideas from Jaaxy - How Jaaxy Can Help You Find Money Making Keywords Easily
Niche Ideas from Jaaxy – How Jaaxy Can Help You Find Money Making Keywords Easily

On top of all that stress, I was relying on keyword tools that were bad. They gave me very little information and intel on keywords.

Then I found Jaaxy. I was amazed at the useful information this powerful keyword tool gave. With Jaaxy, I have all the right data. I knew which keywords had lower competition. With lower competition, the keywords gave me ideas for niches that I can start businesses in. They can be for my next or future businesses. Plus, with the keyword intel I get from Jaaxy, I can create successful campaigns that will grow my businesses.

I can even get ideas for keywords I never thought of. And information about the keywords that no other keyword tool can give.

Let me show you what I mean.

Below are a couple of examples in niches that I do not know anything about, and am presenting as I write this article – “Womens Watches” and “Wedding Rings”

Niche Idea #1: Women’s Watches

I am going to find keywords, using Jaaxy, that has less than 300 total competing pages in Google (in all the world. At the same time, the keywords must have good amount of traffic. Also, these keywords MUST make sense. I explained the value of all these points in my review of Jaaxy.

Here are keywords found for Womens Watches:

Womens Watches Search Results
Womens Watches Search Results

I entered the keywords – Womens Watches – and did a Broad Search in Jaaxy. Immediately, the results gave me 20 keywords that I can easily rank for in Google. This is ONE Search done in less than 20 seconds!

The keywords are enough for me to create campaigns that target Womens Watches. So easy, right? In fact, if I am selling Women’s Watches on an e-Commerce store, I can use these keywords for Google Ads, and the ads will be able to reach the audience searching for Women’s Watches.

With the right keywords, the Google Ads will get high Click Through Rates. This means many people will click on the Ad, and visit my e-Commerce website. This will result in higher chances of sales.

Niche Idea #2: Wedding Rings

I repeat the above ONE Search for Wedding Rings niche.

Wedding Rings Search Results
Wedding Rings Search Results

Very quickly, I have 20 Wedding Rings keywords that I can use to create content for my website. And with that intel, I know for sure they will be awesome for ranking on search results.

The above is proof of the power and efficiency of Jaaxy. In less than ONE MINUTE, literally One Minute, I have two lists of keywords for two niches I know nothing about. Keywords that I can use to create content that will rank on search results or drive brand new campaigns successfully.

If I did it without Jaaxy, like in the old days when I did this manually, it would take HOURS! Worse, if I use other keyword tools, I will not get the results I desire.

Another Money Making Opportunity using Jaaxy

Here is another Money Making Idea from using Jaaxy.

Did you know that there are people who buy domains, and sell them at a profit? We are talking about thousands of dollars of profits here!

The Jaaxy Enterprise package will show keyword results that has a column that shows Domain Availability. What this means is that there are Exact Match Domains (called EMDs) that are available with that corresponding search term.

This feature is awesome! It shows you that there are a lot of domains that you can buy, and resell for thousands of dollars. I am so excited about this business opportunity! I am going to start this as my next online business venture. You can do it too! Don’t miss this golden opportunity!

Domain Availability
Domain Availability

Besides buying and selling domains, you can actually keep these prime time .com domains. For each of these domains, build a small website. Fill it with enough content with relevant keywords. Google likes such domains with keywords in them, and will rank them at very high on search results.

Imagine that! A domain only costs about USD$10 per year. If I can get thousands of clicks to my website, I have a domain that will be attractive to buyers. Is this a cool business model?

So, what are you waiting for? Jaaxy offers so much more than just keyword research. It can help you find ways to make money online. Interested to Find Out More? Click the Image below.

Interested to Learn More About Jaaxy? Read My Review. Click above image
Interested to Learn More About Jaaxy? Read My Review. Click above image

If you have ANY questions about this article – How Jaaxy Can Help You Find Money Making Keywords Easily, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help out.

Thank you for reading this.

Best Wishes to All!