Official Black Friday Sales at Wealthy Affliate!

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Official Black Friday Sales at Wealthy Affliate!

Note – This is the Black Friday Offer for 2017. Click here to see the latest Black Friday 2018 Deals at Wealthy Affiliate.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is just around the corner, and here is an offer you can’t miss. It is the Official Black Friday Sales at Wealthy Affiiate!

You can subscribe one year to this awesome platform for the low price of $299 only! (Usual $588) That is a massive 53% Discount!

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Well, it is a program that can give you education, tools and support that you need to run a profitable online business. Whether you already have a website and want to make it profitable or you want to start an online business, Wealthy Affiliate has all the training and support you will need to succeed. If you are not sure, and need more information about Wealthy Affiliate, check out my review here.

Just a heads up – this deal is time sensitive.

It will only last 4 days, from 24th November at 10am PST – 27th November at 11.59pm PST.

Don’t miss this offer as it will never happen again. Click on the Image Below Now!

Best Investment You Will Ever Make

Honestly, I wish I had subscribed to Wealthy Affiliate during a Black Friday Promotion period. The offer may not be the same as the one now. But at least it will be at a Better Discounted Rate.

When I first subscribed, there was no special. At $49 per month, a year’s subscription would be $588. But if I subscribed for a year, I get it $359. Back then, to me, $359 was a good deal because that was 36% off the total yearly rate.

But Now! I see the Black Friday Offer at $299 only. That is 53% Discount! Even I want it!

At $299, you are paying $0.82 per day for a whole lot of awesome training, tools, features and support. Take a look at the list below:

  • Most Helpful and Interactive Community that is Warm, Friendly and Very Active
  • Access to the Most Successful Experts online. And also access to the Founders of Wealthy Affiliate! Which organization offers new members access to the company’s CEO?
  • One of the industry’s Leading Hosting Service
  • One of the most powerful Web Building Platform
  • Your own personal mentor
  • Weekly Live Classes on the latest industry trends, latest marketing techniques, how to workshops, and more!
  • 1,000s of Training Modules – Easy to Understand Step by Step Lessons
  • The Blueprint to be a Successful Online Entrepreneur

What Else Will You Get If You Take The Deal?

To find out the full details, I recommend you read my review here.

But just in case you need a quick look, here is a list of what else you can get when you join Wealthy Affiliate:

  • An Easy to Follow Starter Course for newbies on How to Create a Website and Make Money Online. Even experienced marketers like me pounced on this, studied the entire course, gained some tips and learn some new tricks.
  • Hosting of Up to 25 Domains
  • Live Video classes Every Week (Oops! did I mentioned this earlier? Well, it is worth to take note as these weekly classes are invaluable. Gems to help increase your chances of success)
  • FREE https will be rolling out in December(Costs around $20 to $50 per Site)
  • Access to the Largest Community of Internet Marketers
  • Tutorials on how to create content that Gets Ranked
  • One of the most Advanced Keyword Tool – very useful for every digital marketing strategy
  • Access to one of the most Advanced Website Builder – SiteBuilder
  • Join one of the Most Rewarding Affiliate Program
  • One-On-One Coaching from Community Experts
  • PageSpeed Insights – a Tool to Analyze & Improve Your Website Speed
  • SiteContent Images – Over 1,000,000+ FREE Images
  • SiteContent – The Ultimate Writing Platfrom to help you create content easily
  • FREE Hosting with SSL for your website

Black Friday Special – Never Seen Before Bonuses!

  • 7 SEO Marketing Strategies to Explode Your Rankings in 2018 (1 Hour Live Class + Q & A), December 1, 2017
  • 7 Unconventional Ways to Amplify Your Brand in 2018 (1 Hour Live Class + Q & A), December 8th, 2017
  • 7 Brilliant Traffic Strategies You Need to Know in 2018 (1 Hour Live Class + Q & A), December 15th, 2017
  • Andddd … drum roll … Kyle Goes LIVE, Insights into Becoming an Expert in 2018 (1 Hour Live Class + Q & A), December 22nd, 2017

The last one is really cool. Kyle is one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. He is usually very busy. And it is awesome that he will take time off to give his insights. BUT only for those who subscribed during the Black Friday Sales.

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Coming Up in 2018!

The Wealthy Affiliate team never sits on their laurels. Ever since I joined them, the program and platform has been continually improved. Currently, they have mentioned the following for 2018:

  • New keyword and research platform
  • SEO automation for your content
  • Personalized help and interaction
  • Revenue opportunities within Wealthy Affiliate

And that is just a start for 2018. Trust me, they have more in store for the next year.

Get the Deal Now!

Being in Wealthy Affiliate is like having a top professor who is also an successful online entrepreneur coach you. Let me ask you – Where on Earth can you find a professor at $0.82 per day?

The price is really irresistible!

Think about it. I spent tens of thousands of dollars to get my master degree. And here we  are getting it at only $299 per year, and that is only $0.82 per day. How much did you spend on your education?

How much did you learn that was useful and practical? Have you used it to start your own successful online business?

Here is a system that can:

  • Give you the Flexibility of working anywhere at any time
  • You can even travel to another city and work there. I know I have
  • You can spend more time with your friends and family
  • You can have more time to enjoy activities that you love
  • You can have real financial freedom

But Please Take Note – This Is Not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme. You will need to follow the training and coaching. And most important – You Must Take Action!

And Why I Suggest Subscribing Yearly?

Statistics have shown that yearly members (i.e. long term members) are more successful. It takes time to build and grow a successful site. A year will build strong and solid foundation that your business can build and grow on.

Also, it is simple and smart maths. Pay Yearly and Save More!

Ready To Build An Online Empire? Claim the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Offer Here!

The Next Steps

  1. Subscribe to Wealthy Affiliate at the Official Black Friday Sales price – $299 Here
  2. Create Your Account and Introduce Yourself to the Warm, Caring and Very Active Community
  3. Send me a Private Message to let me know you have joined as my referee. As my referee, you have access to me and my 26 Years of Digital Marketing experience. Any Questions? Ask me. I will be Happy to Help
  4. Claim Your Bonuses
  5. Access the live training “Let’s Talk Turkey – Live & Uncut Q & A”
  6. Start Learning using the Online Courses
  7. Take Action on What You Have Learned
  8. Ask Questions when you are in doubt or stuck – You can get help from the warm, friendly and very active community, in the chat, from the owners directly or from me. We are all here to help!

See You At Wealthy Affiliate!

>> Hurry! Click Image Below & Get Black Friday Offer Now! <<<

If you have ANY questions about this Official Black Friday Sales at Wealthy Affiliate, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

Also, if you are a current or former member, and would like to leave your own review or feedback below, I would love to hear from you, too.

Thank you for reading this.

Best wishes to All!




Hi, and welcome to Passive Online Revenue.  In this article, you will learn About Passive Online Revenue and Me. For a start, this is a site for Passive Income Seekers, where you can find Legitimate Online Passive Income Opportunities.

I Am A Passive Income Seeker, Just Like You

I am no stranger to the World Wide Web and Digital Marketing. In the 80s, when Internet was still in its infancy, I was already creating websites for businesses. As a lifelong learner, and I continued to gain skills and experience in Email Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing, SEO, Video Marketing, and more.

Over the past decades, I created websites for businesses and applied digital marketing strategies to help them make tons of money. Since 2000s, the thought and realization came to me – why not I do my own businesses and make tons of money for me?
About Digital Marketing Consultant in Singapore - Timotheus

So while working full time, I searched for ways to make money online. The plan was to do online businesses on a part time basis. And when they generate enough revenue, I will quit full time working for people. Then I will focus full time on my businesses as an entrepreneur.

Great plan right?

Problem was – there were many scams.

Lots of promises from get rich schemes or multi level marketing or money games. Needless to say, all of these ended with very poor or even no results.

Over time, I learned how to discern which Online Passive Income Opportunities are scams and which are legit. I learned about how to assess them, and how to decide if it is a program that is honest and has potential to make lots of money.

And I created this website to help you, passive income seeker, to learn how to build your own website, and become your own boss.

My Number 1 Recommendation for Starting Your Own Business

Why I Want To Help People?

From what I shared above, you now know what I have gone through. And that is just in a nutshell. I won’t bore you with the details of so many failed attempts and disappointments caused by scams.

And having experienced what you have gone through, I can empathize. During the years, I have often wished there is a website that can help me cut through all the deception, and tell me what really works? What are the real deals out there?

So I decided to create this website to offer that information, to help people find Legitimate Online Passive Income Opportunities. To help save you valuable time spent researching for the real deal. To help you save time from getting involved in scams and end up with nothing.

Most importantly, to help you save money by not spending it on scams but spending it on Legitimate Passive Online Income Opportunities that really work, that are the real deal, and bring you continually increasing passive income.


It took me years to find a really good Affiliate Marketing program. One that really works. One that gives me great support to help me reach my goals – owning successful online businesses and receiving passive income continuously.

As mentioned above, the goal of Passive Online Revenue is to introduce you online business opportunities that are real and legitimate. The ones that will bring you increasing passive income. Just like they have for me.

Explore this website to discover these opportunities.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, about digital marketing, starting your own online business, etc, ANy at all, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Best Wishes to All!